Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Train the Trainer: MTC Performance under Pressure – Building Stress Resilience in the Military

Emotionally Intelligent Teams

Do you want to?:

Build your team’s impact within your organisation?

Optimise the efficiency of your Senior Management Team?

Resolve deep routed issues between team members?

Understand the emotional behaviours behind capability?

Get disruptive teams to work well together?

Have clear action plans for high performing teams?

Create a Shared Vision and Strategic Plan for your Team based on individual skill sets?

Measure exactly HOW Emotionally Intelligent your Team is?

Perhaps you can’t quite assess why it is that a Group of Great People

are, sometimes,  unable to make a Great TEAM?

This two-day CPD Accredited Workshop from MTC utilises approved British Psychological Society’s Emotional Intelligence Profiling for each Team Member and will create a detailed assessment of the TEAM’s Emotional Intelligence.

The E.I. Profiles will create a dashboard view for the all of the Team measuring all of the key business drivers for Team Effectiveness.

Click here  to see a sample of an Emotionally Intelligent E-Team Profile Report

Click Here to a video to see the processes of the EBWt Team Effectiveness Interventions

This 2-Day, CPD Accredited Workshop is £1,495 + VAT + £60 per (includes TWO E.I. Profile Reports – 1 for the Individual Personal Emotional Intelligence Profile and one for the E-Team profile)  – for up to 12 delegates, in-house.

Winning Behaviours – Training your Mind

Winning Behaviours: Training your Mind

After a great performance, athletes have described a feeling of being “in the zone.” In this state, they feel invincible, as if the game slowed down, the crowd noise fell silent and they achieved an incredible focus on their mission. What is this Superman-like state and how can players enter it when they most need it?
Like the feeling of being moved down a river by the current, this positive groove has been described as a “flow.” In fact, Mihaly Csíkszentmihályi, psychology professor at Claremont Graduate University in California, coined the term in his book, “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience” (Harper & Row, 1990).

Creating those Winning Behaviours in your Team – by knowing HOW to get your Team into the Peak Performance Zone

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When Business Intelligence meets Emotional Intelligence

Likely Cost: £875 per Group of 15 for 1 day or £1500 for 2 Days – on the 2 day course, delegates will receive a personalised 15 page Emotional Intelligence Profile (retail price £77per delegate usually) following a 20 minute on-line E.I. assessment.

Emotional intelligence (E.Q.) is the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict. Emotional intelligence impacts many different aspects of your daily life, such as the way you behave and the way you interact with others.

If you have high emotional intelligence you are able to recognise your own emotional state and the emotional states of others, and engage with people in a way that draws them to you. You can use this understanding of emotions to relate better to other people, form healthier relationships, achieve greater success at work, and lead a more fulfilling life.

Perhaps the biggest surprise has been the impact of E.I. in the world of business, particularly in the areas of leadership and employee development (a form of adult education). The Harvard Business Review has hailed emotional intelligence as “a ground-breaking, paradigm-shattering idea,” one of the most influential business ideas of the decade.

What is Business Emotional Intelligence?

Business Emotional Intelligence is a practical, work-based approach to Emotional Intelligence that helps individuals and teams understand why people behave the way they do and how to maximise their engagement with, and performance at, work.
Business Emotional Intelligence or Business EQ focuses on the critical emotions and underlying behavioural traits that predict occupational performance.
The key to the Business Emotional Intelligence is self-awareness and awareness of others, it explains peoples’ capability to manage their emotions and behaviours at work and what effect it has on their potential and their performance.
The practical, straightforward approach of Business Emotional Intelligence, with its engaging and accessible business language, makes it ideal for leaders and teams to quickly understand how critical emotions and behaviours impact on the success of themselves and others.

Business Emotional Intelligence consist eight main Emotional Behavioural Clusters (as seen below) that focus on the emotional drives and behaviours that predict success.

By developing these 8 Emotional Behavioural Clusters, we are seeing the positive impact across all aspects of Businesses; in the Individual, the Departments or Teams and ultimately, the entire Organisation.

How does your Emotional Intelligence bear up under Pressure?

Click here to download the When Business Intelligence Meets Emotional Intelligence PDF

Click here  to hear Daniel Goleman explaining  Emotional Intelligence

Click here to see a sample Emotional Intelligence Profiling Report

Delegates will:

  • Complete an on-line Emotional Intelligence Profile prior to attending the workshop and will receive a 15 page personal report.
  • Analyse their Self Awareness and Self Management Scores
  •  Develop a greater understanding of all “self” behaviours leading to increased professional skills.
  • Develop a greater understanding of all Intra and Inter Personal Relationships and people “types”.
  • Create a personal development plan for all 8 E.I. behaviours against their profile
  • Practice Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Skills
  • Develop “Other Awareness” – Understanding the impact that OUR style has on our Colleagues, Partners and our Clients Experience.
  • Develop their “Self Management” and E.I. Behaviours
  • Explore how to make their personality, their Departments and their Organisation “stand out from the Crowd” by practising their E.I. behaviours daily
  • Develop their “Relationship Management”
  • Learn how to create group synergy and motivation
  • Demonstrate how to display inspirational and motivational “Winning Behaviours and Attitudes” to our Colleagues and fellow Staff members
  • Discover how to apply the ABC of Behaviour Management using E.I. techniques
  • Explore the powers of Influence that E.I. can offer
  • Learn how to select and apply The 6 Leadership Styles of the Emotionally Intelligent Leader – identifying our Style

N.B. The MTC/EBW also has an impression management tool (IMT) built into the psychometric assessment system that provides insight into what an individual may be trying to hide from themselves and others.

Self Awareness – Emotional Intelligence – Personalised or Team: Myers Briggs or E.I. Profiling


Likely Cost: £85 per person in house – £ 875 per day per Group of 12

“Until you make peace with who you are, you’ll never be content with what you have” Doris Mortman: Author

The key to starting the “DevelopMe” Journey. Providing an insight to understanding our personal psychometric make-up and being made aware of our own unique “X” Factors and how they impact other Team members. This course combines adventure experiential learning and self awareness techniques – either at our Adventure Centre or on-site.

Click here to see a sample of an Emotional Intelligence Personal Profiling Report

Click here to see a sample of a Myers Briggs Type Indicator Personal Profiling Report

Deliver an enduring development experience with a single report

The MBTI Personal Impact Report supports a comprehensive development experience by applying MBTI type knowledge to eight key development areas.

The rich, personalised development strategies included within this report can be referenced time and time again. By revealing development areas, blindspots, pitfalls and challenges, it has the necessary breadth and depth to transfer type knowledge into real behaviour change.

What the MBTI Personal Impact Report contains

The MBTI Personal Impact Report covers eight development areas:

  • Your Work Style
  • Your Communication Style
  • Your Team Style
  • Your Decision-Making Style
  • Your Leadership Style
  • Your Conflict Style
  • How Stress Impacts You
  • Your Approach to Change

The report also introduces the concept of preferences and gives reported type, provides a process for getting to self-estimated type and a snapshot of the 16 MBTI types.

When to use the MBTI Personal Impact Report

  • on every development programme or coaching scenario which aims to explore any of the eight development areas featured in the report
  • to support a user’s MBTI Development Journey where type will be used time and time again to underpin learning
  • to re-engage users who think that they’ve already ‘done’ the MBTI

Accessing the MBTI Personal Impact Report

The MBTI Personal Impact Report is based on MBTI Step I results and can be generated from either the MBTI Step I or Step II questionnaire. Using the MBTI Step II questionnaire enables a user to start their MBTI Development Journey by exploring Step I preferences, and continue to Step II without the need to complete a further questionnaire.

Train the Trainer: MTC Emotional Intelligence

Likely Cost: £1,940 for 12 people for 2 days

Emotional Intelligence – 2 Day Course Content

  • Need to have successfully completed MTC Phase I training before completing the Emotional Intelligence course
  • Practice the advanced principles of Appreciative Inquiry and the 4D Review techniques
  • Update themselves with the MTC activities which are focussed on enhancing Emotional Intelligence
  • Learn the principles of Emotional Intelligence and how to apply E.I. to MTC activities
  • Learn the impact of intra and inter-personal Emotional Intelligence
  • Learn how to deliver MTC activities to demonstrate the 8 Emotional Intelligence Behaviours
  • Receive a personal Emotional Intelligence Profile Report – recognised and endorsed by the British Psychological Society
  • Learn how to map out the Emotional Intelligence of Teams

MTC Goals Outcome Matrix

Click Here to see our Matrix of MTC Activities to Learning Outcomes

Stress Management, Building Resilience + Work Life Balance: Performance under Pressure

Head or Heart

Performance under Pressure: Building Resilience

 “Stress is likely to become the most dangerous emerging risk to business in the early part of the 21st century”… so says the Association of Insurance and Risk Managers.

 Performance under Pressure – Full Day Programme

Tom Peters, the author known for his management books In Search of Excellence and A Passion for Excellence, says it straight out in his preface to Thriving on Chaos:

 “The winners of tomorrow will deal proactively with chaos, will look at the chaos per se as the source of market advantage, not as a problem to be got around. Chaos and uncertainty are (will be) market opportunities; capitalizing on fleeting market anomalies will be the successful business’s greatest accomplishment.”

Being able to constantly achieve peak Performance under Pressure requires us not only to survive – but to actually thrive in an environment of pressing deadlines and target achievements etc.

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Building our Resilience

E.I. Stress

Emotionally Intelligent: Stress Resilience and Emotional Control

 Covey’s 7th habit challenges us all to take care of ourselves and to become aware of those issues which can reduce our personal effectiveness

Identifying the dis-stress creators and the ‘early warning’ signs of stress and distress is critical to our understanding as to the dangers lurking in our homes and our workplaces. Lifestyle awareness and stress management are the keys to healthy well-being and motivated individuals.

This 7th habit will identify the causes of stress and how we manage them.

The module will include a personal Bio-Rhythm Test using state of the art Pulse sensors and software which will demonstrate what things create stress in individuals and the delegates will learn some stress management techniques – the immediate effect of which will be demonstrated by the pulse sensors and bio-rhythm software screen displays.

How do Effective People ensure that they stay effective and don’t become disillusioned with yet another stressful deadline?

The answer can be found in Covey’s 7th habit – that of Personal Development and well-being…

Can I REALLY control my own bio-rhythms to help diffuse DISTRESS??!

 Identifying the stress creators and the ‘early warning’ signs of stress and distress is critical to our understanding as to the dangers lurking in our homes and our workplaces. Lifestyle awareness and stress management are the keys to healthy well-being and motivated individuals.

What do my emotions have to do with it?

Our brains are incredibly power muscles – but let’s not be too dismissive of the role that the heart has to play with Dis-Stress Management.

Whilst our brain can store the memories of us playing with a cute little puppy, it can also conjure up memories of the last time we stroked a dog and it bit our leg! So even the sight of a cute puppy could send a “stand by to repel borders” instruction from the Brain to the Heart as memories are recalled. The brain immediately starts to produce chemicals to help resist the savage beast and, simultaneously, requests that the heart start pumping these chemicals around the body as soon as possible – this is when we start to feel palpitations.

As these ANS hormones are being produced and pumped around the body at break-neck speeds, our emotions become a lot less controlled. It is during this “fight or flight” stage that Stress and Dis-Stress awaken and start to thrive in the panicky climate that the heart and brain have created between themselves.

Our brain has 3 levels of  hierarchy. Level 1 is where our “fight and flight” feelings live. Level 2 is where all of our Emotions live: anger, love, hate, jealousy etc and Level 3 is where Dis-Stress cannot live, nor will it EVER visit this level.

Despite the fact that our brains are immensely powerful – they can be a little lazy!

It is for this reason why we need to educate our brains to engage the 3rd level of hierarchy where ALL Dis-Stress and Emotionals can be fully managed successfully.

Learning how to manage our Bio-Rhythms and educating our Brain and Heart to work together is the perfect antidote to dis-stressful life balances.

Em Wave


CLICK HERE to see how Inner Balance from Heartmath equips you for “Performance under Pressure”

Delegates will be invited to participate in the HeartMath Bio-Rhythm assessment which measures their pulse via an ear-sensor and will determine the resilience of their emotions against stress.

 Delegates will also learn how to increase their resilience through 3 simple techniques and the improvement will be demonstrated via a second HeartMath assessment.




The Performance Under Pressure – Delegates will:

  •  Identify and apply the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and increase their Effectiveness
  • Identify how to sustain Peak Performance Under Pressure
  • Identify the positive outcomes of efficient time management and prioritisation techniques
  • Self-Analyse the candidates Peak Performance Zone, Stress and Distress thresholds via personal biomedical demonstration utilising HeartMath bio-rhythm assessments.
  • Learn how to apply Emotional Intelligence in order to neutralise their dis-stressors
  • Identify how we can achieve the “abundance mentality” in the Workplace
  • Demonstrate how to achieve peak mental performance from a stressful state
  • Learn how to recognise stressors
  • Learn professional communication tools : Transactional Analysis, NLP, Appreciative Inquiry which reduce dis-stress
  • Enable a candidate to create a Personal Action Plan to improve Lifestyle Inventory
  • Clarify Life Purpose and most important values so that a solid foundation can be built on which to base choices
  • Be guided through a re-focus exercise prioritising time and energy onto things about which there is passion and about which the candidate would complete with ease and joy
  • Investigate the key causes of stress and to do personal assessments of behavioural and communication styles which will increase their self-awareness of how their ‘style’ might be causing stress to others.
  • Create a personal environment and “state” where constant Self Renewal sustains constant Peak Performance and High Effectiveness

Cost: £875 per Group of 15 People  – OR – now offering a half day variant on this course for £495 + VAT  for up to 10 People

This programme offers more control of your life. In particular you will control how your work affects your overall happiness and the happiness of those who matter most to you, including your colleagues and staff and family.

During the programme you explore how you choose to manage your life and work, and the results you get from this choice. The Workshop explores the causes of and management of stress. Focusing on what really matters to you, you learn how to make decisions and create time for actions that contribute to your long term goals. You will address your own specific work-life issues practically, as you learn these skills.

As a leader you also coach others during the programme to achieve all these benefits. Each delegate will receive a personal bio-feedback on their heart / brain coherence using EmWave / Heartmath Software.

Click Here to download the Performance Under Pressure Overview