Sales Enablement Workshops

Selling Skills, Key Account Management & Negotiating and Influencing Skills

“When Sales Intelligence meets Emotional Intelligence”

Forget the “Hard Sell!” Learn the latest in ‘Strategic’ & Consultative Selling techniques  Want to build repeat business from existing customers? Learn the 10 Steps of Key Account Development Learn how to develop your Negotiation & Influencing Skills – using Psychological Tips and Tricks to give you the advantage.

Take your Business Development Skills to another level:
If you were given a choice of which chair to sit in when at the negotiating table…would you know which chair to choose to give you the advantage?
Would you be able to predict how the negotiations were going to go based on your initial hand shake with your customer?  Do you know which Negotiating Style to Choose for optimum effect?
Do you apply psychological tips and tricks to give your negotiations ‘the edge’?  
If your answer to any of the above is “No”… contact us today to book your Zoom modules. Either Groups or 1-to-1.

“People will buy from people they like.” Peter Drucker

Apple - Selling Skills

They say that “sales” is the oldest profession in the world since it was Eve who “sold” the apple to Adam – and ever since, life has revolved around the commercial transaction of exchanging goods or services for money.

Over the years the sales process has evolved and various styles of selling have come and gone like a fashion. Most peoples’ concept is that to be a salesperson you have to be cunning, devious, extravert, have the “gift of the gab” and maybe… even slightly less than honest . Sadly, there are still companies who actively recruit sales people with the above characteristics, whereas, the most successful and proven way of sales professionalism is a long way from the traditional “Hard Sell” approach.

This one day workshop was designed and created by a Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing and it not only looks at the traditional selling techniques of:

the traditional selling skills techniques of building rapport, closing techniques, consultative selling, handling objections, key account development, ‘making marketing work’ and Customer Service Excellence , it also includes the psychological aspects of developing emotional intelligence to our Relationships and People Skills.

As Peter Drucker once said “people will buy from people they like” and the addition of E.I. skills development enables sales people to; build rapport, strong business relationships and strategic customer relationships (rather than transactional relationships) which lead to stronger customer and brand loyalty with your Clients.

Del Boy

Dispelling the myth of the HARD Sell –

The Consultative Selling Approach to Sales. Applying Emotional Intelligence and psychology to our Key Account Development to increase Customer and Brand Loyalty.

Selling at an executive level doesn’t stop when the contract is signed. To develop the business and prevent attack from the competition, Major Accounts need nurturing. This Workshop illustrates how knowledge of various corporate cultures will give you a customer compatible approach that safeguards and maximises your account revenue.

The 10 Steps to Key Account Development

The workshop explores:

  • Value Propositions
  • Presentation Skills
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Key Account Development
  • Key Account Mapping
  • Multi-level Selling
  • Customer loyalty
  •  Choosing profitable, growth accounts to develop
  •  Understanding Buyers’ Sourcing Strategies
  •  Developing an account through 4 Stages from : Transactional, Functional, Affiliative to Strategic
  •  Identifying Cross-Selling opportunities using the Ansoff Matrix
  •  Choosing the correct Pricing Strategy to match the stage of Account development
  •  Product Portfolio Analysis Tools
  •  The role of Executive Selling in Key Accounts
  •  Emphasising your USP’s and Value Proposition
  •  “Don’t Sell the Sausage – Sell the Sizzle!” – Feature, Advantage & Benefit
  •  Applying psychological tricks to establish the ‘higher-ground advantage’
  •  Understanding the Personality Style of the Buyer
  •  Seeing your Company through the ‘Eyes of your Customers””’

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Likely Cost: £895 + VAT per Group for 1 Day Course or £1,495 +Vat for a 2 Day course which entails Key Account / Product Mapping + £45 per E.I. Profile if required

Negotiating and Influencing Skills – utilising psychological tactics and Emotional Intelligence

Likely Cost: £ 895 for 12 people

“I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.”
Ernest Hemingway

This a very practical and interactive course has been designed to enhance your ability to negotiate effectively and influence others to achieve results by utilising the powers of Emotional Intelligence and by unleashing strategies and tactics which will give you the Psychological Advantage in any Negotiation. As used by Unite the Union, Unison the Public Service Union and the TUC for disputes and mediation techniques as well as companies such as Vodafone, McAfee, IBM, Siemens, B&Q for Sales Contracts and Purchasing Negotiations.

Here’s a test … if you were given a choice as to which seat you would sit in to conduct a boardroom negotiation – which seat would you choose to give you the psychological advantage over your negotiator?

Get one step ahead of your negotiator by applying these techniques and achieve Mastery at the Negotiation table.


To develop a range of practical negotiation and influencing skills to improve own and team performance

Course content

  • Analysing people, problems and opportunities
  • When and why we can negotiate
  • Analyse own communication style
  • Analyse own Conflict Style: Thomas & Kilmann
  • Working with the 5 styles of negotiators
  • Key influencers skills, qualities and identify circles of influence

Key stages of negotiating and influencing

  • Setting objectives
  • Identify blockers and enablers
  • Responding to resistance, objections and attacks
  • Types of negotiation
  • Using negotiation behaviour chains
  • Developing a plan of action


  • First impressions, attitude, the impact of body language and non-verbal communication
  • Tuning in to Emotional Intelligence Frequencies
  • Applying tactics to give you the psychological advantage
  • Awareness of personal communication style
  • NLP Communication and Negotiating Techniques / Myers Briggs / DeBono
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Empathic Listening Concepts
  • The communication dynamic
  • Behaviour Management

Negotiation tools

  • The negotiation process
  • Terms of reference
  • Negotiation Styles
  • The 4 Stages of Negotiation
  • The Language of Communication
  • Facts v assumptions Positional Bargaining versus Principled Negotiation
  • Presenting a clear message
  • Dealing with deadlock techniques
  • Appreciative Inquiry Techniques – Negotiation Excellence

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