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Byte-Size Learning

Disney has won the “Best in Class” Award for their Customer Service Principles for the last consecutive 40 years across every sector. This e-programme gives an insight into the 10 things  Disney would do differently IF he ran your organisation. Our workshop facilitator for this session has trained Disney on innovation and has an entertaining and informative insight into the service culture within Disney from his time working with them in Florida. 

In a Survey of Senior Executives – over 6,000 Executives believed that understanding the Customer viewpoint was ‘very likely’ to lead to Customer Service ROI, viewing it as a key driver of increased efficiency.

“Local Organisations must design an experience that creates customer advocacy and establishes a total culture of service quality, from the top down, in order to deliver for customers. Focusing on, and measuring, the softer elements of Customer Service is key to achieving Customer Service ROI”

Disney has identified a level of Service BEYOND that of Excellence which they achieve consistently.

How to achieve the level ABOVE Customer Service Excellence

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Integrating Empathy and Compassion into our Customer Care

Developing Emotional Intelligence in our Customer Service

Overcoming The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

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Four x 90 Minute, CPD Accredited, Facilitated Modules @ £180.00 + VAT per person

How DOES Disney achieve “Best in Class” for Customer Service year on year on year?

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