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Disney’s Customer Service Excellence + FISH!

“If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.”
Author Unknown

The workshop looks at WHY? Disney has won the award for Best in Class for Customer service for almost 40 years. We explore the Principles of the Magic Kingdom and take in the award winning FISH! video as we focus on Service Excellence. We will focus on looking at your Organisation through the Eyes of your Customer and it will cover an in-depth analysis of every “Moment of Truth” where a Customer can form an opinion of your Company or Service based on their experience.  Delegates will compete a Service Improvement Plan during the workshop and will prepare a strategic “Analyse, Fix / Improve, Measure” process of Customer Facing activities in order to ensure Customer Service Excellence.  

Our lead facilitator for this workshop has had a personal insight into Disney’s Magic Kingdom Secrets and was invited to Florida to “see behind the scenes” as to how Disney “does excellence” and these principles are now being applied in Service Sectors across the UK.

Apply the Disney Principles and the Six Keys to the Magic Kingdom to YOUR Organisation and achieve Service Excellence today



CLICK HERE to see how Disney “does” Customer Service Experience Excellence

“Do it SO well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again – and they will want to bring others to show them how WELL you do what you do…”

Walt Disney.

Disney has identified a level of Service BEYOND that of Excellence which they achieve consistently.

Click Here for a 1-minute video about this inspirational workshop

In a Survey of Senior Executives – over 6,000 Executives believed that understanding the Customer viewpoint was ‘very likely’ to lead to Customer Service ROI, viewing it as a key driver of increased efficiency.

“Local Organisations must design an experience that creates customer advocacy and establishes a total culture of service quality, from the top down, in order to deliver for customers. Focusing on, and measuring, the softer elements of Customer Service is key to achieving Customer Service ROI”                                   

                    Sprinkling the “Magic Kingdom” Dust:  Disney’s Service Principles

This inspirational and motivational 1 day workshop will explore:

  • Going Beyond Service Excellence to guarantee the Customer Experience
  • The 10 things Disney would do differently… IF he ran your Organisation
  • The Disney Principles of Service Excellence: What can we apply in our Organisation?
  • The 9 Principles of Service Excellence – The Service Gospel according to Disney
  • The 6 Keys to the Magic Kingdom – applying them to your Organisation
  • Group Activity: Customer / Customer Touch-Points
  • Experiential Activity: Seeing Your Organisation through the eyes of a Customer
  • Moments of Truth / The 15 Steps Strategy / Agile / Lean Thinking – Measuring Customer Satisfaction
  • Setting our Service Standards for our Organisation:  On a scale of 1-10: how would our Customers score us?
  • Self-Audit how do WE stack up against our Values
  • Keeping the Customer Satisfied
  • Experiential Activity: Self Audit – Measuring our Values
  • Creating a Culture where Transformation and Innovation Thrive
  • Leadership, Followership and Conflictors!

  The 4 Principles of Achieving Customer Excellence Experience – FiSH! DVD

  • Choose your Attitude
  • Play
  • Make their Day
  • Be There for them

Click Here for a Preview of this Award Winning Video – FISH!

Integrating Empathy and Compassion in our Customer Care

  • Turning a Customer Service into a Customer EXPERIENCE
  • Understanding the Customer that we are Serving
  • Dealing with difficult Customers
  • How to turn Raging Customers into Raving Fans!

Developing Emotional Intelligence in our Customer Service

  • When Business Intelligence meets Emotional Intelligence
  • Hard-Wiring Compassion and Empathy into our DNA
  • DeBono’s Thinking Hats – Challenging Personalities
  • Creating a Culture of Compassion and Empathy by developing our E.Q.

Experiential Activity: Impasse – The ABC of Managing Behaviour

  • How to overcome The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
  • How to create Inspirational and Compassionate Teams
  • Teamwork Lessons from the Geese – DVD
  •  Creating a Disney Integration Matrix for our Values and Standards

This is a 1 Day CPD Accredited Workshop and delegates will:

    • Be inspired and motivated to shift their personal paradigm for Service Excellence
    • Consider your Organisation through the eyes of a Customer (internal and external)
    • Learn the 3 vital ingredients to create a culture of innovation for Service Excellence
    • Explore Disney’s Principles of Service Excellence and Continuous Improvement
    • Create the “perfect service” utilising Appreciative Inquiry Planning tools
    • Consider the relevance of breaking down silos in order to achieve customer experience excellence through the efficiency of Functional Teamwork
    • Learn and apply the Disney Principles of Service Excellence Experience
    • Complete a Self-Audit of their own perceived Service competencies
    • Explore Professional Communication Tools to enhance Service levels
    • Develop a greater awareness of the role of Emotional Intelligence within Customer Service
    • Understand how their Emotional Intelligence Behaviours stack up under Pressure
    • Consider the Service Principles of FISH!
    • Analyse their Self-Awareness and Self-Management Scores
    • Develop a greater understanding of all “self” behaviours leading to increased professional skills.
    • Develop a greater understanding of all Intra and Inter Personal Relationships and people “types”.
    • Enhance Professional Communication Skills: Telephone, Face to Face, Written
    • Learn and Apply the Magic Kingdom Principles of Customer Experience Excellence
    • Assess their Current State of Service Excellence by looking at their Company through the eyes of a Customer: Moments of Truth
    • Develop “Other Awareness” – Understanding the impact that OUR style has on our Colleagues, Partners and our Clients Experience.
    • Develop their “Self-Management” and Emotional Intelligence Behaviours & Attitudes
    • Explore how to make their personality, their Departments and their Organisation “stand out from the Crowd” by practising their E.I. behaviours daily
    • Develop their “Relationship Management”
    • Consider internal measurements and initiatives to achieve Service Excellence
    • Explore ways how to make that “WOW!” impact with their Customers
    • Learn how to create group synergy and motivation
    • Demonstrate how to display inspirational and motivational “Winning Behaviours and Attitudes” to our Colleagues and fellow Staff members
    • Discover how to apply the ABC of Behaviour Management using E.I. techniques – how to deal with difficult customers
    • Explore the powers of Influence that Emotional Intelligence can offer
    • Complete several Group Activities to explore and encourage inspired Team Working.
    • Learn the latest concepts in; Planning and Organising, Decision Making and Problem-Solving, Customer Service Excellence, Prioritisation of ‘urgent’ versus ‘important’ tasks, Leadership and Influencing Skills, Building Stress Resilience, Well-Being and Mindfulness
    • Receive a CPD Certificate in Customer Service
    • Have FUN!!

 Click the image below for a brief overview as to how Disney achieves “Best in Class” for Customer Service…year after year…after year…after year…

The workshop will be interactive with group and experiential activities

The cost of this module is £ 895 + VAT for groups of up to 12 delegates. This cost includes all preparation, materials, workbooks and trainers expenses.

Click Here  to download the One – Day: What if Disney ran your Organisation? – Doing it like Disney! pdf

Click Here to download the Two-Day: What if Disney ran your Organisation? – Doing it like Disney! pdf – includes Doing it Like Disney PLUS applying Emotional Intelligence to your Customer Service in order to build rapport and to achieve Customer Service Experience of Excellence

or Click Here to download the modified Course for Colleges and Universities – entitled “Doing it like Disney! – Creating Student Experience Excellence – Universities Challenged!”

or Click Here to download the modified Course for Hospitals – entitled – “Doing it like Disney! – What if Disney ran YOUR Hospital? – The 10 Things you would do differently – Patient Experience Excellence”

or Click Here to see our On-Line Version of this Inspirational Workshop.

Whether your “Customers” are Patients, Students, Clients or simply, …Customers…this inspirational workshop will leave your Team motivated and energised!


“Thanks again for coming to deliver an excellent workshop, the team spoke very highly of the course after the event and even still now. They are currently working on their plans for our future HR customer experience.” Strategic Workforce Manager Humberside Police

Thanks again for delivering the Disney Customer Service Excellence Experience session today – it’s good to see it so well received. This has generated a lot of interest, not least from the new Chief Exec’.   Learning & Development Officer, Winchester County Council

‘Hi Barry, Here are the feedback sheets which have been submitted so far. Overall, the feedback is excellent!’ – Business Improvement Manager, Slough Borough Council

“Absolutely FANTASTIC Course! – Engaging, Informative, Interesting, Enlightening” – Team Leader – Unison: The Public Service Union

“..the day was “inspirational” and “brilliant….” – Chief Executive. W. Sussex NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust – following a keynote speech on Customer Service and Patient Experience Excellence at the W. Sussex NHS Conference

A VERY motivational and inspirational day…” Divisional Director of Operations for Clinical Support Services at Chelsea and Westminster NHS

“Fantastic – very motivational…”Lead for Patient and Staff Experience. Chelsea and Westminster NHS

“Absolutely amazing experience/training…” – Service Improvement Lead, Chelsea and Westminster NHS

 ‘A powerful, effective and common sense approach that produced only positive outcomes and excellent results’ Client Service Lead. Chelsea Building Society