Mobile Team Challenge

The MTC approach is a global phenomenon. It is helping thousands of organisations in fourteen countries, on five continents around the world, become more positive, more capable and more effective!
World Class experiential kits and concepts.

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Organisations like Vodafone, MasterFoods, AoN, IBM, McAfee, B&Q, Warner Brothers, Land Rover, Jaguar, Honda, NASA, DVLA, FedEx, Sun Microsystems, the Royal Air Force and hundreds of Schools, 50+ Prisons and Young Offending Detention Units, over 200 local Authorities, 26 NHS Foundation Trusts, 150+ Youth and Community organisations over 200 Private and Corporate Companies have already discovered the MTC secrets. They are using them to transform their staff, the people they serve and their workplace cultures into positive, productive and enjoyable places where everyone benefits.
Mobile Team Challenge - The Behavioural and Attitudinal Change Specialists in; Individuals, Teams and Organisations.

Is Your Organisation Eligible For Funding?

Several organisations have had the purchase of their Mobile Team Challenge equipment partially, or wholly funded by either The Big Lottery Funding, the Awards for All or the Youth Justice Board Schemes. Click the button below to find out more.

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10 Incredible Lessons of Teamwork from the Geese

MTC’s Logo is that of a Canada Goose. To see the 10 incredible lessons that Geese can teach us about The Power of a Team – How to AVOID “The 5 Dys-Functions of a Team” …and to see WHY MTC has chosen the Goose as its logo, play the video.

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