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NEW from Martin Seligman’s “Flourish” – The PERMA Model of Well-Being

Tools, Habits and Behaviours PROVEN to promote Personal, Team and Corporate Resilience and Well-Being.

This practical workshop has been designed to address the elements of the PERMA model as we build towards a healthy work / life balance. We will look at how stress can be managed positively (to produce achievement, meaning and relational quality) as well as how to avoid unnecessary dis-stress. There will be space for participants to intelligently assess and reflect on their current well-being. And there will be exercises and habits shared that can facilitate deliberate self-leadership towards “Performance under Pressure”.

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Creating a Culture where Innovation and Creativity Thrive

Nowadays the word ‘Innovation’ seems to appear in every organisations Values or Mission Statements! …and we are, probably, claiming that our Business Processes are ‘Innovation in Action’ ?… but is that three words…or two?
To see the current and true definition of  the word ‘Innovation’ – we have to consider the individual elements and understand the 3 Attitudes which constitute true Innovation.

This workshop is facilitated by an  ex Senior Manager of 3M – who, according to Tom Peter’s Best Selling Book “In Search of Excellence” – is the BEST COMPANY in the World for Innovation.
Delegates will learn some fascinating insights into companies who have mastered the art of innovation: 3M, Apple, Nike, several leading Local Authorities and NHS Foundation Trusts and will hear best practice examples of Innovation and Creativity across every Sector.

Delegates will:

  • Learn how to create a culture of Innovation within their Teams.
  • Learn the impact of Leadership Styles: Are they encouraging or stifling innovation?
  • Learn how to overcome the “Blame Culture” which kills innovation.
  • Consider the 3 Attitudes required for Innovation to Thrive
  • Learn the secrets of Innovation from 3M, Apple, Nike, Local Authorities and Several NHS Foundation Trusts
  • Explore the 10 Success Factors for Innovation to Thrive
  • Consider the 7 Principles to Encourage Innovation:

– Separate Idea generation from evaluation
– Test Assumptions – Don’t Assume
– Avoid Patterned Thinking – Shifting that Paradigm!
– Creating New Perspectives
– Minimise Negative Thinking
– Applying the 3 attitudes of Innovation
– Choosing the Correct leadership Style and Culture

  • Learn how to Leverage Innovation to achieve Competitive Advantage
  • Applying Solution Focussed Thinking Solutions with Appreciative Inquiry
  • Creating Shared Visions embracing creativity and innovation
  • Learn how to optimise their Decision Making and Creative Thinking processes with Edward DeBonos 6 Thinking Hats Concepts
  • Consider Peter Senge’s Fifth Discpline Insights – How to create a Culture of Innovation and Learning

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Winning Behaviours – Training your Mind

Winning Behaviours: Training your Mind

After a great performance, athletes have described a feeling of being “in the zone.” In this state, they feel invincible, as if the game slowed down, the crowd noise fell silent and they achieved an incredible focus on their mission. What is this Superman-like state and how can players enter it when they most need it?
Like the feeling of being moved down a river by the current, this positive groove has been described as a “flow.” In fact, Mihaly Csíkszentmihályi, psychology professor at Claremont Graduate University in California, coined the term in his book, “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience” (Harper & Row, 1990).

Creating those Winning Behaviours in your Team – by knowing HOW to get your Team into the Peak Performance Zone

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Disney’s Customer Service Excellence + FISH!

“If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.”
Author Unknown

This Workshop focuses on analysing exactly how many things CAN go wrong in the “Customer Facing” area of your Company. It covers an in-depth analysis of every “Moment of Truth” where a Customer can form an opinion of your Company or Service based on their experience and prepares a strategic “Analyse, Fix / Improve, Measure” process of Customer Facing activities in order to ensure Customer Intimacy and Customer delight. The workshop looks at WHY? Disney has won the award for Best in Class for Customer service for almost 40 years. We explore the Principles of the Magic Kingdom and take in the award winning FISH! video as we focus on Service Excellence. Delegates will compete a Service Improvement Plan during the workshop.

Creating a Culture of Customer Experience Excellence

What IF ……. Disney ran your Organisation?

Disney has won the “Best in Class” Award for their Customer Service Principles for the last consecutive 40 years

Now these principles are delivering excellence within all Service Sectors across the UK

                                       Mickey Mouse Customer Service? … I think NOT!!

                                                               ….Doing it like Disney!

                                              The Institute of Customer Service Says… 

In a Survey of Senior Executives – over 6,000 Executives believed that understanding the Customer viewpoint was ‘very likely’ to lead to Customer Service ROI, viewing it as a key driver of increased efficiency.

“Local Organisations must design an experience that creates customer advocacy and establishes a total culture of service quality, from the top down, in order to deliver for customers. Focusing on, and measuring, the softer elements of Customer Service is key to achieving Customer Service ROI”

         This inspirational and motivational 1 day workshop will explore: 

  • The 10 Things that Disney would do differently if he ran your Organisation
  • The 9 Principles of Service Excellence – How does Disney “DO” Customer Service?
  • The 6 Keys to the “Magic Kingdom”
         The workshop will be interactive with group and experiential activities

                           What IF … Disney ran your Organisation?

                                  Doing it like Disney!                       

 Sprinkling the “Magic Kingdom” Dust:   Disney’s Service Principles

  • Going Beyond Service Excellence to guarantee the Customer Experience
  • Experiential Activity: Paradigm Shifter
  • The Disney Principles of Service Excellence: What can we apply in our Organisation?
  • The 9 Principles of Service Excellence – The Service Gospel according to Disney
  • The 6 Keys to the Magic Kingdom – applying them to your Organisation

The 10 things you would do Differently if Disney ran YOUR Organisation

  1. Focus on what can’t be measured – Measuring the Customer Experience
  2. Paradox: Customer First is more efficient – Building Empathy & Compassion with our Customers. Creating Winning Behaviours and Attitudes in our Departments
  3. Regard Customer Satisfaction as Fools Gold – The top 7 Drivers for Customer Satisfaction
  4. Measure to improve NOT to impress

         Seeing your Organisation through the eyes of a Customer

  •   Moments of Truth” – Jan Carlsson SAS

Group Activity: Customer / Customer Touch-Points

  • Experiential Activity: Seeing Your Organisation through the eyes of a Customer
  • Moments of Truth / The 15 Steps Strategy / Agile / Lean Thinking – Measuring Customer Satisfaction
  • Setting our Service Standards for our Organisation:  On a scale of 1-10: how would our Customers score us?
  • Self-Audit how do WE stack up against our Values
  • Keeping the Customer Satisfied
  • Experiential Activity: Self Audit – Measuring our Values

Customer Engagement

  • Creating a Culture where Transformation and Innovation Thrive
  • Leadership, Followership and Conflictors!
  1. De-centralise the Authority to say “YES” – modelling empowerment and creating Excellence
  2. Change the concept of Work from Service to Theatre – The role of Emotional Intelligence within the Customer Service: Service with Empathy and Compassion

  The 4 Principles of Achieving Customer Excellence Experience – FiSH! DVD

  • Choose your Attitude
  • Play
  • Make their Day
  • Be There for them

Integrating Empathy and Compassion in our Customer Care

  • Turning a Customer Service into a Customer EXPERIENCE
  • Understanding the Customer that we are Serving
  • Dealing with difficult Customers
  • How to turn Raging Customers into Raving Fans!

Developing Emotional Intelligence in our Customer Service

  • When Business Intelligence meets Emotional Intelligence
  • Hard-Wiring Compassion and Empathy into our DNA
  • DeBono’s Thinking Hats – Challenging Personalities
  • Creating a Culture of Compassion and Empathy by developing our E.Q.

Experiential Activity: Impasse – The ABC of Managing Behaviour

 7.  Harness the Motivating Power of Imagination

  • Creating a Culture of Innovation, Service and Customer Experience Excellence
  • How DO those guys do it?  –  Apple / Nike / 3M / Leading Councils
  • The 3 Ingredients for Innovation for Service Excellence
  • Disney’s Creative Strategy – “Dreaming the Perfect outcome”

Experiential Activity: Designing our Perfect “10 out of 10” Organisation with Appreciative Inquiry

 8. Create a climate of dis-satisfaction

  • Understanding and applying the principles of Lean Thinking and Kaizen into our Organisation 

 9. Create GREAT Teams!

  • The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
  • How to create Inspirational and Compassionate Teams
  • Teamwork Lessons from the Geese – DVD

Experiential Activity: Levitation Challenge

 10. Close the gap between KNOWING and DOING

  •  Creating a Disney Integration Matrix for our Values and Standards



 Click Here for a Preview of this Award Winning Video – FISH!

Delegates will:

  • Be inspired and motivated to shift their personal paradigm for Service Excellence
  • Consider your Company through the eyes of a Patient or Partner or Customer or Student
  • Learn the 3 vital ingredients to create a culture of innovation within your Company
  • Explore Disney’s Principles of Service Excellence and Continuous Improvement
  • Create the “perfect service” utilising Appreciative Inquiry Planning tools
  • Consider the relevance of breaking down silos in order to achieve customer experience excellence through the efficiency of Functional Teamwork
  • Complete a Self Audit of their own perceived Service competencies
  • Explore Professional Communication Tools to enhance Service levels
  • Consider the Service Principles of FISH! – the Award Winning DVD on Service Excellence

The cost of this module is £ 895 + VAT for groups of up to 12 delegates. This cost includes all preparation, materials, workbooks and trainers expenses.

Click Here  to download the One – Day: What if Disney ran your Organisation? – Doing it like Disney! pdf

Click Here to download the Two-Day: What if Disney ran your Organisation? – Doing it like Disney! pdf – includes Doing it Like Disney PLUS applying Emotional Intelligence to your Customer Service in order to build rapport and to achieve Customer Service Experience of Excellence

or Click Here to download the modified Course for Colleges and Universities – entitled “Doing it like Disney! – Creating Student Experience Excellence – Universities Challenged!”

or Click Here to download the modified Course for Hospitals – entitled – “Doing it like Disney! – What if Disney ran YOUR Hospital? – The 10 Things you would do differently – Patient Experience Excellence”

MTC Goals Outcome Matrix

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Appreciative Inquiry – Creating Shared Visions + Strategic Planning

Likely Cost: £ 875 per group of 15

As a facilitation technique, Appreciative Inquiry involves articulating questions that reveal positive potential within groups and individuals. As a Strategic Planning tool it builds on the positive core of your organisation and enables your team to anticipate, recognise and amplify its potential. AI Effectively is a powerful vehicle for accelerating change and inspires high energy team commitment, innovative solutions, increased motivation and improved morale grounded in existing organisational goals and best practices.



  • Suitability: Strategic Planning
  • Breakthrough Strategic Thinking Techniques
  • How to move from Current State to Future State
  • Visioning Days – Tools to create a Shared Vision
  • Utilising the revolutionary SOAR! Concepts – identifying individual and team Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and measurable Results
  • Featuring Disney’s Creative Strategy – “Living the Dream”
  • Implement SOAR in context
  • Work From a Deep Appreciation for Strategy and Strategic Planning.
  • Unleash the Strengths in Your Own or Client Organisations.
     Discover Opportunities: Present and Emergent.
  • Create Bold Images of the Most Preferred Future.
  • Identify Individual and Organisation Aspirations that Support that Future.
  • Create Innovative Strategies for Achieving Your Vision.
  • Define Measurable Results.
  • Connect with Others Who Are Using SOAR®.
  • Draw from Other Organisations Who Have Used SOAR® Successfully.
  • Creating High Performance Teams

David Cooperrider – The Founder of Appreciative Inquiry  – said….  “Appreciative Inquiry is a way of THINKING, SEEING and ACTING to bring about powerful, purposefulchange. Focusing on the Positive and Desired Future results and not the negative past results.”

Whether you are a Learning and Development Facilitator, a Leader of Change or responsible for Strategic Development and Direction within your Organisation, the Principles of Appreciative Inquiry are vital for your professional development in our current times. Email us now for your in-house A.I. Workshop

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Stress Management, Building Resilience + Work Life Balance: Performance under Pressure

Head or Heart

Performance under Pressure: Building Resilience

 “Stress is likely to become the most dangerous emerging risk to business in the early part of the 21st century”… so says the Association of Insurance and Risk Managers.

 Performance under Pressure – Full Day Programme

Tom Peters, the author known for his management books In Search of Excellence and A Passion for Excellence, says it straight out in his preface to Thriving on Chaos:

 “The winners of tomorrow will deal proactively with chaos, will look at the chaos per se as the source of market advantage, not as a problem to be got around. Chaos and uncertainty are (will be) market opportunities; capitalizing on fleeting market anomalies will be the successful business’s greatest accomplishment.”

Being able to constantly achieve peak Performance under Pressure requires us not only to survive – but to actually thrive in an environment of pressing deadlines and target achievements etc.

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Building our Resilience

E.I. Stress

Emotionally Intelligent: Stress Resilience and Emotional Control

 Covey’s 7th habit challenges us all to take care of ourselves and to become aware of those issues which can reduce our personal effectiveness

Identifying the dis-stress creators and the ‘early warning’ signs of stress and distress is critical to our understanding as to the dangers lurking in our homes and our workplaces. Lifestyle awareness and stress management are the keys to healthy well-being and motivated individuals.

This 7th habit will identify the causes of stress and how we manage them.

The module will include a personal Bio-Rhythm Test using state of the art Pulse sensors and software which will demonstrate what things create stress in individuals and the delegates will learn some stress management techniques – the immediate effect of which will be demonstrated by the pulse sensors and bio-rhythm software screen displays.

How do Effective People ensure that they stay effective and don’t become disillusioned with yet another stressful deadline?

The answer can be found in Covey’s 7th habit – that of Personal Development and well-being…

Can I REALLY control my own bio-rhythms to help diffuse DISTRESS??!

 Identifying the stress creators and the ‘early warning’ signs of stress and distress is critical to our understanding as to the dangers lurking in our homes and our workplaces. Lifestyle awareness and stress management are the keys to healthy well-being and motivated individuals.

What do my emotions have to do with it?

Our brains are incredibly power muscles – but let’s not be too dismissive of the role that the heart has to play with Dis-Stress Management.

Whilst our brain can store the memories of us playing with a cute little puppy, it can also conjure up memories of the last time we stroked a dog and it bit our leg! So even the sight of a cute puppy could send a “stand by to repel borders” instruction from the Brain to the Heart as memories are recalled. The brain immediately starts to produce chemicals to help resist the savage beast and, simultaneously, requests that the heart start pumping these chemicals around the body as soon as possible – this is when we start to feel palpitations.

As these ANS hormones are being produced and pumped around the body at break-neck speeds, our emotions become a lot less controlled. It is during this “fight or flight” stage that Stress and Dis-Stress awaken and start to thrive in the panicky climate that the heart and brain have created between themselves.

Our brain has 3 levels of  hierarchy. Level 1 is where our “fight and flight” feelings live. Level 2 is where all of our Emotions live: anger, love, hate, jealousy etc and Level 3 is where Dis-Stress cannot live, nor will it EVER visit this level.

Despite the fact that our brains are immensely powerful – they can be a little lazy!

It is for this reason why we need to educate our brains to engage the 3rd level of hierarchy where ALL Dis-Stress and Emotionals can be fully managed successfully.

Learning how to manage our Bio-Rhythms and educating our Brain and Heart to work together is the perfect antidote to dis-stressful life balances.

Em Wave


CLICK HERE to see how Inner Balance from Heartmath equips you for “Performance under Pressure”

Delegates will be invited to participate in the HeartMath Bio-Rhythm assessment which measures their pulse via an ear-sensor and will determine the resilience of their emotions against stress.

 Delegates will also learn how to increase their resilience through 3 simple techniques and the improvement will be demonstrated via a second HeartMath assessment.




The Performance Under Pressure – Delegates will:

  •  Identify and apply the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and increase their Effectiveness
  • Identify how to sustain Peak Performance Under Pressure
  • Identify the positive outcomes of efficient time management and prioritisation techniques
  • Self-Analyse the candidates Peak Performance Zone, Stress and Distress thresholds via personal biomedical demonstration utilising HeartMath bio-rhythm assessments.
  • Learn how to apply Emotional Intelligence in order to neutralise their dis-stressors
  • Identify how we can achieve the “abundance mentality” in the Workplace
  • Demonstrate how to achieve peak mental performance from a stressful state
  • Learn how to recognise stressors
  • Learn professional communication tools : Transactional Analysis, NLP, Appreciative Inquiry which reduce dis-stress
  • Enable a candidate to create a Personal Action Plan to improve Lifestyle Inventory
  • Clarify Life Purpose and most important values so that a solid foundation can be built on which to base choices
  • Be guided through a re-focus exercise prioritising time and energy onto things about which there is passion and about which the candidate would complete with ease and joy
  • Investigate the key causes of stress and to do personal assessments of behavioural and communication styles which will increase their self-awareness of how their ‘style’ might be causing stress to others.
  • Create a personal environment and “state” where constant Self Renewal sustains constant Peak Performance and High Effectiveness

Cost: £875 per Group of 15 People  – OR – now offering a half day variant on this course for £495 + VAT  for up to 10 People

This programme offers more control of your life. In particular you will control how your work affects your overall happiness and the happiness of those who matter most to you, including your colleagues and staff and family.

During the programme you explore how you choose to manage your life and work, and the results you get from this choice. The Workshop explores the causes of and management of stress. Focusing on what really matters to you, you learn how to make decisions and create time for actions that contribute to your long term goals. You will address your own specific work-life issues practically, as you learn these skills.

As a leader you also coach others during the programme to achieve all these benefits. Each delegate will receive a personal bio-feedback on their heart / brain coherence using EmWave / Heartmath Software.

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Change Management: Leading thru and BEYOND change

Likely Cost: £875 per Group of 15

Mobile Team Challenge combines Appreciative Inquiry Summit strategies with internal coaching teams to create whole systems change that sustains itself.

How can organizations change at the speed of imagination? Skilled facilitation of Change Management using Appreciative Inquiry results in high-energy collective buy-in at all levels of the organisation along with the enthusiasm, motivation, and energy to move forward quickly. Through collaborative inquiry and strategic visioning, organisations, teams, and individuals unleash the human energy and imagination necessary to spark powerful innovations and radically transform their future. Implement the revolutionary new concept of Breakthrough Strategic Thinking;  The outcome? Your organisation will experience improved motivation and morale with results that are grounded in organisational goals and current best practices.

 “Equipping for Change”

         “…We are living in Extraordinary Times, and Extraordinary Times require Extraordinary Measures…” so said Hamlet…

“…If you always do what you always did… you’ll always get what you always got…” …so said Einstein

Sadly the above statement is no longer true in the case of Woolworths, Saab and MFI…etc

The current climate dictates that we all need to do something different, and even perhaps something, “extraordinary”, this year in order to maintain, and to further improve, our performance of our individuals, teams and organisations.

This workshop on “Equipping for Change” will prepare us for the future challenges and adventures and will answer some Frequently Asked Questions… such as:-

  • Why do we resist Change?
  • How can we take a different approach to Change?
  • How can we make ourselves more adaptable to Change?
  • How can we develop a personal “Coping with Change Strategy”?
  • How can we become involved in designing the “new”?
  • How can we move from a “Let Go” to a “Let’s Go!” position?
  • How do we get to feel “more in control” through Change?
  • How can we learn to embrace change and accept it?
  • How can we overcome our natural resistances to Change?
  • How do we build a Positive attitude through Change?
  • What are the 7 habits of Highly Effective People during Change?
  • How can I get a better understanding of the emotional effects of Change?
  • How will I know what is expected of me during Change?

…as someone once said…

“…organisations don’t change ……..  PEOPLE do…” 

The Workshop will be interactive and will include some Group Tasks on “Change”

David Cooperrider – The Founder of Appreciative Inquiry  – said….  “Appreciative Inquiry is a way of THINKING, SEEING and ACTING to bring about powerful, purposefulchange. Focusing on the Positive and Desired Future results and not the negative past results.”

Whether you are a Learning and Development Facilitator, a Leader of Change or responsible for Strategic Development and Direction within your Organisation, the Principles of Appreciative Inquiry are vital for your professional development in our current times. Email us now for your in-house A.I. Workshop

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Negotiating and Influencing Skills – utilising psychological tactics and emotional intelligence

Likely Cost: £ 875 for 12 people

“I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.”
Ernest Hemingway

This a very practical and interactive course has been designed to enhance your ability to negotiate effectively and influence others to achieve results by utilising the powers of Emotional Intelligence and by unleashing strategies and tactics which will give you the Psychological Advantage in any Negotiation. As used by Unite the Union, Unison the Public Service Union and the TUC for disputes and mediation techniques as well as companies such as Vodafone, McAfee, IBM, Siemens, B&Q for Sales Contracts and Purchasing Negotiations.

Here’s a test … if you were given a choice as to which seat you would sit in to conduct a boardroom negotiation – which seat would you choose to give you the psychological advantage over your negotiator?

Get one step ahead of your negotiator by applying these techniques and achieve Mastery at the Negotiation table.


To develop a range of practical negotiation and influencing skills to improve own and team performance

Course content

  • Analysing people, problems and opportunities
  • When and why we can negotiate
  • Analyse own communication style
  • Analyse own Conflict Style: Thomas & Kilmann
  • Working with the 5 styles of negotiators
  • Key influencers skills, qualities and identify circles of influence

Key stages of negotiating and influencing

  • Setting objectives
  • Identify blockers and enablers
  • Responding to resistance, objections and attacks
  • Types of negotiation
  • Using negotiation behaviour chains
  • Developing a plan of action


  • First impressions, attitude, the impact of body language and non-verbal communication
  • Tuning in to Emotional Intelligence Frequencies
  • Applying tactics to give you the psychological advantage
  • Awareness of personal communication style
  • NLP Communication and Negotiating Techniques / Myers Briggs / DeBono
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Empathic Listening Concepts
  • The communication dynamic
  • Behaviour Management

Negotiation tools

  • The negotiation process
  • Terms of reference
  • Negotiation Styles
  • The 4 Stages of Negotiation
  • The Language of Communication
  • Facts v assumptions Positional Bargaining versus Principled Negotiation
  • Presenting a clear message
  • Dealing with deadlock techniques
  • Appreciative Inquiry Techniques – Negotiation Excellence

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Effective Communication – NLP Techniques

Likely Cost: £850 per Group of 15 per Day

“I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.”
Ernest Hemingway

The Workshops are tailored to focus on internal or external communications covering Presentation Skills, Running effective Meetings, Listening Skills, Appreciating Communication Media; e-mail, SMS, telephone, face to face, written etc This course combines adventure experiential learning and self awareness techniques – either at our Adventure Centre or on-site.