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Remote Working

74% of Companies plan to permanently shift to more Remote Working Post-Covid (Gartner Aug 2020)
How equipped are we to Manage Remote Workers?

The coronavirus is not only a health crisis of immense proportion – it’s also an imminent restructuring requiring new thought leadership on how we lead, manage and motivate; office-based, home-based and hybrid teams.

Covid has also caused many organisations to:

  • re-think our business strategy
  • rebound…or reboot?
  • expect the best…and prepare for the worst
  • worry about headcount…right-sizing?.. the impact on the casualties and the affect on the workforce…how do we prepare for it professionally?
  • consider our culture – do we need to change it to equip our employees for the “new normal”?
  • re-visit our Vision, Mission, Values Statement…do these need upgrading?…is now the correct time to re-group and re-energise the workforce towards the “new normal”?
  • consider how we manage remote workers and build remote teams
  • evaluate our health and wellbeing procedures for our remote, office and hybrid workers
  • ask the question …. “Where do we start on ALL of this?!”

Here’s how leaders can begin navigating to the “new normal”

McKinsey & Company is the ‘trusted advisor and counsellor to many of the world’s most influential businesses and institutions‘ … and they have also devised an excellent framework around how we can pivot our people, teams and organisations and lead them – they are called “The 5 R’s Route to the NEW Normal”. Our facilitators will walk you through this simple but massively effective process.

Or create your own, bespoke content of modular on-line learning topics to design your Organisation’s Learning & Development Equipping Programme for Remote Management of Individuals and Teams by choosing the relevant topics from our virtual library below.  £30 + VAT each or £25 + VAT for 5 Sessions.

Creating a Culture where Innovation and Creativity Thrive

Nowadays the word ‘Innovation’ seems to appear in every organisations Values or Mission Statements! …and we are, probably, claiming that our Business Processes are ‘Innovation in Action’?… but is that three words…or two?

To see the current and true definition of  the word ‘Innovation’ – we have to consider the individual elements and understand the 3 Attitudes which constitute true Innovation.

This workshop is facilitated by an  ex European Vice President of 3M – who, according to Tom Peter’s Best Selling Book “In Search of Excellence” – “3M is the BEST COMPANY in the World for Innovation.”
Delegates will learn some fascinating insights into companies who have mastered the art of innovation: 3M, Apple, Nike, several leading Local Authorities and NHS Foundation Trusts and will hear best practice examples of Innovation and Creativity across every Sector.

Delegates will:

  • Learn how to create a culture of Innovation within their Teams.
  • Learn the impact of Leadership Styles: Are they encouraging or stifling innovation?
  • Learn how to overcome the “Blame Culture” which kills innovation.
  • Consider the 3 Attitudes required for Innovation to Thrive
  • Learn the secrets of Innovation from 3M, Apple, Nike, Local Authorities and Several NHS Foundation Trusts
  • Explore the 10 Success Factors for Innovation to Thrive
  • Consider the 7 Principles to Encourage Innovation:

– Separate Idea generation from evaluation
– Test Assumptions – Don’t Assume
– Avoid Patterned Thinking – Shifting that Paradigm!
– Creating New Perspectives
– Minimise Negative Thinking and apply Positive Psychology
– Applying the 3 attitudes of Innovation
– Choosing the Correct leadership Style and Culture

  • Learn how to Leverage Innovation to achieve Competitive Advantage
  • Applying Solution Focussed Thinking Solutions with Appreciative Inquiry
  •  Explore the impact that LEAN Thinking, Six Sigma and Kaizen Continuous Improvement processes have on Innovation
  • Creating Shared Visions embracing creativity and innovation
  • Learn how to optimise their Decision Making and Creative Thinking processes with Edward DeBonos 6 Thinking Hats Concepts
  • Consider Peter Senge’s Fifth Discipline Insights – How to create a Culture of Innovation and Learning

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Appreciative Inquiry – Creating Shared Visions + Strategic Planning

Likely Cost: £ 895 per group of 15

As a facilitation technique, Appreciative Inquiry involves articulating questions that reveal positive potential within groups and individuals. As a Strategic Planning tool it builds on the positive core of your organisation and enables your team to anticipate, recognise and amplify its potential. AI Effectively is a powerful vehicle for accelerating change and inspires high energy team commitment, innovative solutions, increased motivation and improved morale grounded in existing organisational goals and best practices.

  • Suitability: Strategic Planning
  • Breakthrough Strategic Thinking Techniques
  • How to move from Current State to Future State
  • Visioning Days – Tools to create a Shared Vision
  • Utilising the revolutionary SOAR! Concepts – identifying individual and team Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and measurable Results
  • Featuring Disney’s Creative Strategy – “Living the Dream”
  • Implement SOAR in context
  • Work From a Deep Appreciation for Strategy and Strategic Planning.
  • Unleash the Strengths in Your Own or Client Organisations.
     Discover Opportunities: Present and Emergent.
  • Create Bold Images of the Most Preferred Future.
  • Identify Individual and Organisation Aspirations that Support that Future.
  • Create Innovative Strategies for Achieving Your Vision.
  • Define Measurable Results.
  • Connect with Others Who Are Using SOAR®.
  • Draw from Other Organisations Who Have Used SOAR® Successfully.
  • Creating High Performance Teams

David Cooperrider – The Founder of Appreciative Inquiry  – said….  “Appreciative Inquiry is a way of THINKING, SEEING and ACTING to bring about powerful, purposefulchange. Focusing on the Positive and Desired Future results and not the negative past results.”

Whether you are a Learning and Development Facilitator, a Leader of Change or responsible for Strategic Development and Direction within your Organisation or a member of the Senior Management Team who are considering what culture your Company should have post pandemic, the Principles of Appreciative Inquiry are vital for the professional development of your employees, teams and departments and organisations in our current times. Email us now for your in-house A.I. Workshop and Strategic Planning / Visioning Day 

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Managing Change: Leading thru and BEYOND change

Likely Cost: £895 per Group of 15

Mobile Team Challenge combines Appreciative Inquiry Summit strategies with internal coaching teams to create whole systems change that sustains itself.

How can organisations change at the speed of imagination? Skilled facilitation of Change Management using Appreciative Inquiry results in high-energy collective buy-in at all levels of the organisation along with the enthusiasm, motivation, and energy to move forward quickly. Through collaborative inquiry and strategic visioning, organisations, teams, and individuals unleash the human energy and imagination necessary to spark powerful innovations and radically transform their future. Implement the revolutionary new concept of Breakthrough Strategic Thinking;  The outcome? Your organisation will experience improved motivation and morale with results that are grounded in organisational goals and current best practices.

 “Equipping for Change”

         “…We are living in Extraordinary Times, and Extraordinary Times require Extraordinary Measures…” so said Hamlet…

“…If you always do what you always did… you’ll always get what you always got…” …so said Einstein

Sadly the above statement is no longer true in the case of Woolworths, British Home Stores, Saab and MFI…etc

The current climate dictates that we all need to do something different, and even perhaps something, “extraordinary”, this year in order to maintain, and to further improve, our performance of our individuals, teams and organisations.

This workshop on “Equipping for Change” will prepare us for the future challenges and adventures and will answer some Frequently Asked Questions… such as:-

  • Why do we resist Change?
  • How can we take a different approach to Change?
  • How can we make ourselves more adaptable to Change?
  • How can we develop a personal “Coping with Change Strategy”?
  • How can we become involved in designing the “new”?
  • How can we move from a “Let Go” to a “Let’s Go!” position?
  • How do we get to feel “more in control” through Change?
  • How can we learn to embrace change and accept it?
  • How can we overcome our natural resistances to Change?
  • How do we build a Positive attitude through Change?
  • What are the 7 habits of Highly Effective People during Change?
  • How can I get a better understanding of the emotional effects of Change?
  • How will I know what is expected of me during Change?

…as someone once said… “..organisations don’t change ….  PEOPLE do…” 

The Workshop will be interactive and will include some Group Tasks on “Change”

David Cooperrider – The Founder of Appreciative Inquiry  – said….  “Appreciative Inquiry is a way of THINKING, SEEING and ACTING to bring about powerful, purposefulchange. Focusing on the Positive and Desired Future results and not the negative past results.”

Whether you are a Learning and Development Facilitator, a Leader of Change or responsible for Strategic Development and Direction within your Organisation, the Principles of Appreciative Inquiry are vital for your professional development in our current times.

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LEAN / Six Sigma Methodologies – Shifting the Paradigm to create Cultural and Transformational Change

Lean / Six Sigma is a unified approach to achieving improved performance, which, when correctly deployed, will drive continuous improvement, or even dramatic step changes in performance, and will be a major enabler in achieving the goal of becoming an “Outcome Focussed Organisation”.

From integrating quick pace transformational change to maximising customer value whilst minimising waste, the Lean Continuous Improvement principles create the Winning Behaviours and Attitudes across the “people and processes” across any organisation.

“We must become far more disciplined in managing project programmes with less dependency upon a few key individuals and more systematic and rigorous approach to project and programme delivery across the whole organisation”  … 

– this is a strategic Statement of Intent which we hear on a daily basis from many organisations, and the implementation and practice of the transforming 5 Principles of Lean and Continuous Improvement are the perfect vehicle to achieve this desire.

In the current political and economic climate there is a focus on public services to DO MORE WITH LESS – i.e. to become more efficient. NHS Foundation Trusts, Government Departments and Local Authorities are in the process of working on the detail of how budget cuts will be implemented.

Important improvement methodologies at the disposal of Public and Private Sectors is LEAN & Six Sigma – which can deliver many significant benefits, efficiency increases and savings.

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Likely Cost: £895 per Group of 15 per Day