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force-picture01The MTC approach is being widely used within the Armed Forces, Police Force, Instructor Training schools and other Public Sector organisations around the world. Used in these organisations, MTC has consistently proved to be effective at delivering the following benefits: Significantly raises both confidence and capability in key skills relating to leadership, decision-making, communication, team working, problem-solving, planning and assertiveness.

“Behaviour-Changing Games delivering Game-Changing Behaviour in Individuals, Teams and Organisations”

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 Creating Leaders at Every Level with Inspirational Learning Development Programmes that Meet Your Needs

Development of positive self-esteem and self-confidence MTC Activities provide more opportunities for positive assessment so that people can build on success and become more effective. The Royal Air Force is just one organisation that has decided to integrate MTC into its leadership development strategy at the highest level. This has resulted in widespread use of the Mobile Team Challenge system on an ever growing number of RAF bases in the UK and abroad The 5 RAF pillars of Leadership Development, Air Warfare, Ethos, Common Military Skills and Deployed Operations Training make up the FD in both formal training and station based activity. In supporting these 5 pillars the RAF already recognises Mobile Team Challenge for successfully providing:

And MTC already successfully supports the RAF at every level through:

Recognised outcomes / benefits from the integration of Mobile Team Challenge within RAF and other Military operations include:

RAF Motivation Outreach Team This year alone, MTC has worked with the Outreach Teams from Scotland, the North West, Coventry and Redruth and this has required us to tailor an MTC Training session specifically for the Outreach Teams where we have called upon our vast resources and experience in working in the Youth Sector. We have now worked with over 200 Youth Associations, Schools, Colleges, Universities, ACFs, CCFs, ATC’s as well as over 50 HMP and Young Offender Institutes, and all of these establishments have found MTC equipment and philosophies to be life changing in many instances. Many Schools and Colleges are applying the MTC concepts across all walks of education; from Prefect/ Head Pupil Training to Cadet Leadership Training including Social Skills and Enterprise concepts. The benefits to the pupil are many:

The Changing Face of Military Leadership

Mobile Team Challenge are honoured to be chosen as an Official Supporter of the RAF100 Events


Military hardware has come a long way in the last 100 years; from the early days of the Sopwith Camel to the very latest Lightning F-35s. The evolution and development of Military “Tools” is critical – as is the on-going development and evolution of Leadership Development. Just as critical is the need to ensure that Leadership skills and concepts ALSO move with the times.


             Now with CPD Accreditation

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MTC “Train the Trainer” Phase I Facilitator Training – 2 Days on-site

Another option of achieving the full MTC Facilitation accreditation is via the 2- Day Phase I MTC Facilitator training. This Phase I qualification enables the delegates to progress their learning and development skills by attending these other courses. After attending initial Phase I training, your options are to advance to Phase II Facilitator Training, or Conflict to Collaboration Training or the higher level of Emotional Intelligence Training. All of these courses carry an MTC accredited CPD Certificate.

Phase I – 2 Day Course Content – Delegates will:

                          Cost for up to 12 delegates = £1,940.00

Includes all materials, workbooks, certificates and Trainer’s expenses but excludes VAT and flights / accommodation where relevant

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STOP PRESS: we will be running  Phase I, Phase II and Emotional Intelligence Open Courses throughout the year for individual delegates for £195 + VAT – Places will be limited so call us or email us today to reserve your place: 0844 745 2120 or

MTC “Train the Trainer” Phase II Facilitator Training – 2 Days on-site

     Phase II – 2 Day Course Content – Delegates will:

                          Cost for up to 12 delegates = £1,940.00

Includes all materials, workbooks, certificates and Trainer’s expenses but excludes VAT and flights / accommodation where relevant.

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MTC “Train the Trainer” – Conflict to Collaboration Facilitator Training – 2 Days on-site

Conflict to Collaboration – This course is available for MTC Clients who have purchased the Conflict to Collaboration Upgrade Kit.   

    Conflict to Collaboration  – 2 Day Course Content – Delegates will:

                            Cost for up to 12 delegates = £1,940.00

Includes all materials, workbooks, certificates and Trainer’s expenses but excludes VAT and flights / accommodation where relevant

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MTC “Train the Trainer” Emotional Intelligence Facilitator Training – 2 Days on-site

 Emotional Intelligence – 2 Day Course Content – Delegates will:

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 17.07.49

                                  Cost for up to 12 delegates = £2,250.00

Includes all materials, workbooks, certificates, a 32-Page Personalised, British Psychological Society accredited Emotional Intelligence profile and Trainer’s expenses but excludes VAT and flights / accommodation where relevant.

Click Here to read an overview of our Workshop entitled: “When Military Intelligence meets Emotional Intelligence – Emotionally Intelligent Leadership”

Click here to see why Emotional  Intelligence Development is critical in the Military – delivered experientially utilising MTC Kits and British Psychological Society approved E.I. personal profiling. This is a CPD accredited course.

Click here to see a BPS approved sample Emotional Intelligence Personal Profiling


MTC “Train the Trainer” Performance under Pressure – Positive Psychology – PERMA Facilitator Training – 2 Days on-site

NEW WORKSHOP – Train the Trainer: MTC Performance under Pressure – Building Stress Resilience in the Military – 2 Day CPD Accredited Course. Delegates will:

Includes all materials, workbooks, certificates and Trainer’s expenses but excludes VAT and flights / accommodation where relevant.

* If you already own an MTC Conflict to Collaboration you will already own a HeartMath emWave Kit which we will demonstrate the uses of this ‘stress-measuring’ kit during this workshop. If you do NOT already own a Conflict to Collaboration Kit – we can include a Heart Math emWave Kit for you if you order this course. The cost would then be £2,290.00  for 12 delegates and you would have a HeartMath Kit to use on Station.

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You can now add to your CPD Hours by booking a ZOOM virtual Workshop –

Where are you on this slide? – Are you in the FEAR Zone, the LEARNING Zone or the GROWTH Zone? – Who do you want to be during and post-pandemic? Do you know that you CAN still choose your behaviour and attitude – despite the anxieties and fears of COVID-19? Increase your own well-being and emotional health by applying the principles of Positive Psychology into your life.

We also have a full library of CPD Accredited 90-minute byte-size Virtual modules delivered via Zoom or Teams on a 1-to-1 basis by one of our professional Coaches. Click below to choose for the list of topics.

 Mobile Team Challenge Modular Facilitation Training Courses

The gateway to the full range of professional MTC facilitation courses is via the Entry Level Phase I Training or the Motivational Outreach Team alternative development route. A Phase I certificate is a pre-requisite for access to the other courses.

Are you considering re-settlement?

Since our European launch in 2004, MTC is very honoured to have trained over 5,000 military personnel across 52 RAF Stations, 6 Army locations, 5 Naval Academies and several Tri-Services locations. During this time our facilitators have experienced, first-hand, the amazing calibre of our military personnel, and, we would like to think, that we have have contributed to their development also. If / When the time for re-settlement arrives, it can be a very un-settling time. Entering the civilian-world after years of military service can be a significant culture-shock, and we only need to look at the very sad statistics of those ex-military professionals who have found it difficult to re-join their local community.

SO… how will YOU react to re-settlement? 

MTC have created an inspirational on-line workshop which has been designed with our military experience in mind. The 4 x 1.5 hour online modules utilise state of the art Smart ‘phone technology to ensure complete delegate participation. The delegates will also have access to MTC’s significant library of Self-Development videos and blended-learning activities.

When Re-settlement Intelligence meets Emotional Intelligence

Whether it is; preparing for job interviews, keeping a positive mindset, creating your personal vision for the future, kick-starting your self-motivation and drive, fine-tuning your powers of influence and decision-making, building your positive psychology, developing your personal wellbeing and mental health resilience, checking your self-awareness in terms of your strengths and optimum job roles for your future or developing an empathy with your new colleagues; be it in full / part time roles, charity work or your re-entry to community groups… the underlying skill that equip you for all of these challenges, is EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. 

This workshop will build all of the above E.I. Behaviours and delegates will complete a British Psychological Society E.I. personal profiling to identify strengths and areas for development.

If you think you this series of 4 x 1.5 hour Zoom workshops is for you… then please contact us on 0844 745 2120 or email us here – we would love to talk with you.


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Another excellent 2-days with Mid & West Wales Fire and Rescue Service delivering a CPD Accredited, ‘Train the Trainer’ Course in Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and Professional Facilitation Skills


“I wanted to write a short note to thank you both for such an excellent MTC course last week. I thoroughly enjoyed the two days and found the Appreciative Inquiry. approach fascinating. I think you have tremendous training medium in the MTC equipment. More importantly, the positive-framing. approach to facilitation is extremely powerful and when combined with the first class challenges, lead to a very rich and valuable training experience. Crucially, you both believe and live the concept and that message came across loud and clear. Thank you both once again for your energy and enthusiasm that bought the whole two days to life. Best wishes and please keep up the great work”. (Squadron Leader, RAF Innsworth)

“…A new dimension to our leadership and development programmes…” (Wing Commander, RAF)

“MTC is about building on success, to bring about even more success” ( RAF School of Training)

‘A very rich and valuable training experience’ (RAF Innsworth)

“MTC Training enhances existing leadership and team building activities and improves other training exercises”.  (RAF LTPD School of PT)

“MTC provides a dynamic, hands on and thought provoking approach to training and development. You cannot buy trust or teamwork but MTC enables you to develop these attributes very effectively.”  (RAF Cosford)

‘Really great course; very interesting and exceptionally knowledgeable and engaging facilitator.’ – Flt Lt RAF Cranwell

‘The course was a real eye opener – it should have been more than two day as the time flew by.’ – Cpl RAF Halton

‘Really insightful and of great utility. Lee was engaging and encouraging throughout which made the course enjoyable.’ – (RAF Cranwell)

‘Overall and excellent course with many points for thought.’ (Lt Royal Navy)

‘Very many thanks to Lee. Great course content expertly delivered.’ (Sgt RAF Cranwell)

Fantastic course. Clear and concise facilitation by Lee, who also made it enjoyable.’    (Flt Lt RAF Cranwell

“Excellent Course – Excellent delivery” (HR Operations Manager: Surrey Police)

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the last two days, which have been inspiring, motivating and incredibly enjoyable. I’m looking forward to the next phase already.” (Deputy RAF Marham)

‘Excellent, enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor who is truly invested in developing team’ – M Stubbs – Flt Cdr RAF Cranwell

‘The course covered all aspects of what I was looking for’ – Peter Mutch RAF Cranwell

‘Lee was an excellent facilitator, taking into account learning styles and breaking up the theory with practical tasks’ – Flt Lt Laura Evans RAF Cranwell

‘An engaging, interesting and fun presentation together with Experiential Learning activities – a valuable course. Thank you both!” Mid & West Wales Fire and Rescue Service


First in Experiential Learning and Development

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The MTC Goal Reference Matrix

Simply identify your preferred learning outcome for your Group and you will find several MTC experiential activities to provide you with the inspirational and motivational learning experience.