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sectors-picture01Helping HR and Training Departments Consistently Improve Performance Using a Unique, Proven and World Class Approach.

If you are involved with HR and/or training and development within your organisation, then you already know that you play a key role in securing the future success of the business. In today’s rapidly changing business climate, continued success is about ensuring that your organisation and the people within it are fully prepared for the challenges they will face. In short, it’s about enabling and equipping your people to consistently deliver now and in the future.

To make that happen, you need the right support. That means a team of partners which understands your business pressures and priorities; and individual providers who are committed to helping you consistently do the best possible job. As we like to say, “Going as far as you can, with all that you’ve got”.

Throughout the year Mobile Team Challenge will be hosting a range of inspirational and informative workshops focusing on new strategies to promote the development of skills needed to drive your organisation forward.

We would also welcome the opportunity to discuss with you your Learning and Development needs of your people, departments and organisation and share with you some success stories from our clients – some of whom are listed below.

Our workshops cover a wide range of topics and modules which will be tailored for your specific development needs and outcomes.

People Development Needs:

From British Psychological Society accredited psychometric profiling in Emotional Intelligence, or Myers Briggs to increase Self-Awareness, Leadership modules for all levels from Aspiring Supervisors, First Line Managers through to coaching and mentoring for Executive Leadership including personal and organisational Wellbeing and Stress Resilience protection.

Team or Department Development Needs:

Covering the creation and development of Emotionally Intelligent High Performance teams, Team Profiling, Visioning and Strategic Planning Days, Overcoming the 5 Dysfunctions of Teams by Patrick Lencioni, understanding Team Dynamics and exploring ‘people-types’ and working relationships, developing Winning Behaviours and Attitudes, discovering optimum team-working skills, building Wellbeing and Stress Resilience by applying Positive Psychology. Senior Management Team Strategic Planning and Executive Emotional Intelligence Profiling and Coaching and Mentoring.

Organisational Development:

Including; Creating a Culture where Innovation Thrives, Strategic Visioning and Planning using Appreciative Inquiry SOAR techniques, Culture Change Management, Lead Yourself, Lead Your Team and Change your Culture, LEAN Thinking / Six Sigma / Kaizen Continuous Business Improvement techniques, Customer Service Excellence modelled on Disney’s Service principles, Emotionally Intelligent Key Account Development techniques and psychological triggers in Negotiating and Influencing skills.

We also offer a full library of 90-minute byte-size virtual workshops delivered on a 1-to-1 basis via Zoom or Teams click below to see the topics

For further details on our bespoke courses please contact us

“Behaviour-Changing Games delivering Game-Changing Behaviour in Individuals, Teams and Organisations”

Business Results

The solutions MTC provide can be applied to a very wide range of business issues. They are built on years of experience, expertise and unique knowledge. Our formidable collection of resources, information and tools is hard to match; which is why so many forward thinking organisations rely on Mobile Team Challenge to help them not only get ahead, but more importantly, stay there. Here is what a UK client has to say about us:

“I had heard great things about MTC from colleagues in the business and been encouraged to find out more for myself. From the outset, I have been extremely impressed with the range of activities that can be undertaken using the equipment and the quality back-up training offerings provided by MTC. The icing on the cake for me is the fact that MTC are so obviously committed to ensuring that their solution is being used to address real issues and to produce positive and lasting change in behaviour. Along with the equipment comes a really special sense of belonging to the MTC user fraternity. This great product can truly transform training and development sessions into something very special and highly effective. MTC is something that I always want our training and development team to have in their toolkit.”

Jeff Farish FCIPD, Assistant Training and Development Manager, Chelsea Building Society

We remember.

In summary, the solutions that MTC can provide to you are not only unique but they work; deliberately, consistently and persistently.

Everything we do is delivered by a superb team of highly charismatic, friendly, positive, solution-focused and very effective individuals. They all have an honest and genuine desire to help you address and move past the issues that are holding your organisation back from achieving the levels of performance that you know are not only possible, but also achievable, with the right support.

“Behaviour-Changing Games delivering Game-Changing Behaviour in Individuals, Teams and Organisations”

Experiential and Accelerated learning techniques have been proven as the most effective tools for memory retention for delegates.
The simple matrix below demonstrates how a Facilitator can prepare a training workshop by identifying the preferred learning outcome for the session and then cross-referring the outcome to identify a choice of MTC experiential activities in order to endorse the learning.
Each learning outcome has several MTC activities designed to bring out the desired learning which means that the same cohort can be ‘reminded’ of the subject through different games and activities.
This results in delegate retention and application of their learning into the workplace and their lives, and the Facilitator adds to their professional credibility and effectiveness.

The MTC Goal Reference Matrix

Simply identify your preferred learning outcome for your Group and you will find several MTC experiential activities to provide you with the inspirational and motivational learning experience.


A powerful, effective and common sense approach that produced only positive outcomes and excellent results (Chelsea Building Society)

“Just ….. FANTASTIC!!” (Helen Tautz – Director of Operations ITV for Ant & Decs  “I’m a Celebrity – get me out of here!” & “Saturday Night Take Away”)

“A brilliant day – GREAT Team building and Awareness of Leadership” (Ian, Brookes, CEO Lorien)

“A great three days … three highly successful and effective days for Team Working‟ (Regional Training Director, Vodafone- Retail)

“MTC has proved to be exceptional and versatile for improving leadership, communication, teambuilding, mutual support, self belief, problem solving and creative thinking within. It’s potential within the workplace is vast whilst also being great fun” (Tony Woodcock, Honda UK)

“A very professional event which will have a profound effect on my life” (Wokingham Borough Council)

“An enjoyable and positive day” (Team Leader Bucks CC)

“Thoroughly enjoyed the day!” (Team Leader Bucks CC)

“MTC has developed a model for learning that is light years ahead of any other experiential learning program I have been involved in. We are changing our organization with their training and support! We are grateful for all they’ve done and continue to do. They have certainly had an impact on our organization and a very significant impact on me in many ways.” — (Ken Elstein Leadership Development EPA/ORD)

 “Brilliant – VERY enjoyable” (Team Leader – Siemens Wind Power)

“Absolutely FANTASTIC Course! – Engaging, Informative, Interesting, Enlightening” (Team Leader – Unison- The Public Service Union)

“This course has been …quite literally… LIFE CHANGING!” (Team Leader Unison)

Thanks again for delivering the session today – it’s good to see it so well received. This has generated a lot of interest, not least from the new Chief Exec’. (Winchester County Council)

‘Brilliant Trainer who was able to keep my attention all day through an interesting presentation and fun and informative experiential activities’  (Senior Planner, Slough Borough Council)

‘Hi Barry, Here are the feedback sheets which have been submitted so far. Overall, the feedback is excellent!’ –  (Business Improvement Manager, Slough Borough Council)

First in Experiential Learning and Development

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