Standard Course – 53 Advanced Experiential Activities – Price now includes 1 Day of Facilitator Training for 12 Delegates On-Site


The MTC Standard Low Ropes Course weighs approximately 130 lbs. and stores in a 28″x 18″x 84″ area. You have the luxury of locking the course in a closet when not using it and traveling with it from site to site. This Course comes in 7 custom-designed ballistic nylon carry bags. With the Standard Course you have all the equipment needed to do activities found available on a permanent low ropes course site. This basic portable low ropes course equipment is used to teach life skills and workplace competencies. It offers 53 activities and can accommodate up to 45 people simultaneously. The MTC Standard Course comes with the MTC Low Ropes Activity Manual, as well as Executive Marbles and Zircon Gorilla activity books.


  • (4) 7 ft. beams
  • (14) Big Foot ropes with sliders
  • (1) Spiderweb stand and web
  • (1) Great Escape
  • (2) 12' nylon ropes
  • (15) blindfolds
  • (20) rubber nonskid bands
  • (2) 18"x18" mats
  • Hardware bag containing:
  • (4) splice plates, (4) angle brackets, (16) pivot nubs, (1) hinge, (1) 9’ Trust Vee safety rope, 1 set of tools, extra screws and nuts.
  • Resources

  • Now with twelve copies of MTC Facilitator’s Manual and The Appreciative Facilitator handbooks
  • PLUS copies of world leading activity books, Teamwork/Teamplay, Zircon Gorilla and Executive Marbles all cross referencing back to your MTC kit