Conflict to Collaboration Kit – Add On (adds to your existing Performance Kit ) – 176 Activities includes 90 Conflict Resolution Activities – Price now includes 1 Day of Facilitator Training for up to 12 delegates On-Site


This is an upgrade to the Performance or Performance Plus Courses which creates 90 additional activities which focus specifically on Conflict Resolution, Enhanced Team Working, Emotional Intelligence, Solutions Focussed Thinking, NLP Awareness and Appreciative Inquiry concepts.

(The upgrade kit for the Standard Kit price is £6,950 + VAT)

Click Here to see our Matrix of MTC Activities to Learning Outcomes for Conflict to Collaboration


  • Stored in 3 custom-designed ballistic nylon carry bags
  • Weighs 40 lbs
  • Stores in a 20"x15"x 55" area
  • Adds 43 additional activities to your existing Performance or Performance Plus course
  • Accommodates up to 120 participants simultaneously
  • Resources

  • Comes with EmWave© software, Conflict Resolution CD set
  • Change Your Questions: Change Your Life
  • Thin Book of Naming Elephants
  • Six Thinking Hats book