Train the Trainer: MTC Performance under Pressure – Building Stress Resilience and Increasing Wellbeing in the Military

Applying Positive Psychology to increase our wellbeing and stress resilience

Tools, Habits and Behaviours based on Martin Seligman’s principles of Positive Psychology and PERMA – PROVEN to promote Personal, Team and Corporate Support, Resilience and Wellbeing.

When we work under pressure for a prolonged period of time, whether it be caused by COVID-19 or sheer volume of workload with ever critical deadlines – there is a danger that our personal wellbeing and stress resilience will become overwhelmed and this can sometimes lead to even more serious mental illness. 

This practical workshop has been designed to address the elements of the PERMA model as we build towards a healthy work / life balance. We will look at how stress can be managed positively (to produce achievement, meaning and relational quality) as well as how to avoid unnecessary dis-stress. There will be space for participants to intelligently assess and reflect on their current well-being. And there will be exercises and habits shared that can facilitate deliberate self-leadership towards “Performance under Pressure”.

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Learn how to apply neuroscience to manage our emotional and mental wellbeing

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Where are you on this slide? – Are you in the FEAR Zone, the LEARNING Zone or the GROWTH Zone? – Who do you want to be during and post-pandemic? Do you know that you CAN still choose your behaviour and attitude – despite the anxieties and fears of COVID-19?

Increase your own well-being and emotional health by applying the principles of Positive Psychology into your life.

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