Online PERMA: Mental Wellbeing and Stress Resilience

Behaviours PROVEN to promote Personal, Team and Corporate Resilience and Well-Being.

Earlier in 2020, it was found that poor mental wellbeing is costing UK businesses £45 billion each year and with the increase of concerns about the pandemic, that figure has, almost certainly, risen significantly throughout the year.

In addition to this, research shows that 11 million UK adults took time off due to poor mental wellbeing in 2020 (this figure is as at October 2020), yet only 38% of them felt comfortable being honest about it to their employer, while others cite physical health issues or simply take annual leave to avoid the conversation all together. Most employers said that mental wellbeing is a key priority for them, but many employees don’t feel that it is.

“It’s OK – NOT to be OK”

…or so the currently trending saying states. So there needs to be an acceptance and acknowledgement, without any attached stigma, that we can ALL probably benefit from some Wellbeing and Positivity being spoken into our lives and workplaces right now.

Q: So HOW do we encourage our employees, who we feel need to increase their wellbeing and stress resilience, to attend a “stress” workshop without it being seen as a stigma or a weakness?

A: Enrol the entire team or organisation onto the workshop so that it becomes an “Inclusive Experience” for all of your employees. From the statistics shown above, it suggests that more than 50% of our workforce would benefit from a Wellbeing and Positivity Workshop. (and the longer the pandemic continues, the higher this figure will become)

So by enrolling your entire team on the workshop you are:

It is during times like these when we form platforms on which to build:

When we work under pressure for a prolonged period of time, whether it be caused by COVID-19 or sheer volume of workload with ever critical deadlines – there is a danger that our personal wellbeing and stress resilience will become overwhelmed and this can sometimes lead to even more serious mental illness. 

Don’t allow Covid to Steal your Happiness!

Neuroscience tells us that during times of stress and depression, our brain finds it difficult to create the “Happiness Chemicals” that our body needs to help us to survive the storm. This workshop will reveal the techniques of how we can discipline our thinking through Postivity so as to ensure that that our brain continues to produce the necessary levels of dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphin which are the prerequisite weapons with which we fight stress, depression and increase wellbeing.

“It’s OK NOT to be OK”…as long as you have a plan to restore your Wellbeing and Mental Health…and this workshop is YOUR plan to do that….

This practical workshop has been designed to address the elements of the PERMA model as we build towards a healthy work / life balance. We will look at how stress can be managed positively (to produce achievement, meaning and relational quality) as well as how to avoid unnecessary dis-stress. There will be space for participants to intelligently assess and reflect on their current well-being. And there will be exercises and habits shared that can facilitate deliberate self-leadership towards “Performance under Pressure”.


‘A Life Changing Experience…’ (BUPA)

“Excellent course will recommend to others!!” (Superintendent NHS Leicester)

“Fantastic – very motivational…” (Lead for Patient and Staff Experience. Chelsea and Westminster NHS)

“This Wellbeing Workshop should be MANDATORY for ALL employees and teams. Whether we accept it or not…we are ALL being affected by this pandemic and the concepts learned in this Workshop can change lives, and in some instances, even SAVE lives”.

Session 1: Positive Wellbeing and happiness are part of the antidote to building healthy emotional and mental stress resilience. How to develop Positive Thinking Techniques
Session 2: Engagement with Love, Life, Work and Play. Are we above or below the line in our behaviours and attitudes?
Session 3: Relationship Matters: Understanding, Trusting and Valuing other people
Session 4: Meaning: How our neuro-sciences can affect our behaviours, attitudes and state of mind
Session 5: Accomplishment and Achievement – building a positive mental outlook.

Where are you in this graph? Returning to Work in a covid-world can have a significant impact on our confidence, wellbeing and stress resilience. The graph below helps us to assess where we are and how our emotions and attitudes can be affected by the uncertainty in the workplace.

These workshops will build Positive Psychology, Wellbeing and Stress Resilience in Individuals, Teams and Organisations.

Click Below to see a “Welcome to Wellbeing” Workshops video which gives an overview of expectations

Watch Course Designer Christen Forster give an overview of these 5 Workshops

COST:  £45 + VAT per Workshop per Person and the course comprises 5 x 90 minute Workshops for Individuals or Groups via 1-to-1 Coaching on Zoom

And for all of you who REALLY want to understand the neuroscience of the impact of stress upon your brain and, ultimately your wellbeing and mental health… CLICK HERE for a short video

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