“The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Students”

Developing our Students’ Well-Being and Life Skills

“When Academic Intelligence meets Emotional Intelligence”

This CPD Accredited 8 hour workshop is a “must attend” workshop or all Students who are wanting to embrace the Student-Life.

Workshop Objectives:

First off, everything we do at MTC is founded on facilitated activity-based learning, which is proving extremely effective in engaging students. There are two dynamics to the activity element that work well with this generation, the first is the simple principle of “I see, I know” versus  “I do, I understand” (which works for all ages) and the second is the disproportionate psychological benefit of the gamification of learning to the generation bought up with smart phones and social media. When well facilitated there are much deeper and potentially uncomfortable lessons and truths can be bought home in play environment because the brain and emotions are subconsciously in a state that is more open to learning through failure and competition.

To get a bit more technical, all the facilitation and coaching we do in framed in the Appreciative Inquiry model pioneered by David Cooperrider. This approach makes real sense to millennials, looking as it does to create group engagement with change towards a group owned objective without the need for externally imposed coercion and incentives.

 A.I is of course a double edged sword, because corporate strategies are very often imposed and enforced in ways that undermine the buy in and creativity bubbling upwards. In an organisation it is important that the psychological roots of A.I are understood and embodied if you want to enjoy the fruits. With our students, though, our focus is to simply teach leadership that understands the dynamics from the start and so does it naturally as they are given future responsibility.

 So the work we are doing with students has now been divided into three threads

 Accredited Facilitator Training: This is for staff and students who have been involved with a ‘Student Team’ for more than one year. This training is run for the smallest group but is useful to highlight because it is a vital piece in an organisation that wants to embody a more appreciative inquiry approach in its culture. Many University Volunteering Teams are utilising these skills on their ‘pastoral role’ with freshers.

 Leadership Development and Teamwork: This is the mainstay of our accredited training. It covers basic best practice business behaviour, things like Stephen Covey’s seven habits, De Bono’s communication hats, Personality types, Emotional Intelligence etc. But the material is covered at a heart level not just a head level, this is where the activities and facilitation come into their own… we look at why we revert back to ineffective and how to develop more positive expectations and behaviours going. As part of this course we give the students simple tools to better manage ineffective (but often addictive) behaviours and to strengthen their effective behaviours and core strengths.

 Well-being and performing under pressure: A significant number of our student leaders have a level of pastoral responsibility, looking out for the well-being and mental health of others in their halls of residence or on their courses. These students are given more deliberate training in understanding wellbeing and stress, so they can help pass on tools to build the former and recognise and refer the later. We introduce them to Martin Seligman’s five components of well-being, PERMA: Positive Attitude; Engagement; Relationships; Meaning; and Achievement. We also look at the psychology and physiology of stress looking at both its positive role (eustress) as well as negative (distress) and we use Heart Rate Variance technology (HeartMath) to introduce techniques for high performance under pressure.

These modular sessions with Students achieve the following:

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