RHUL Case Study

Volunteering Students Leadership Programme – Royal Holloway University of London

MTC were commissioned in 2017 to design and deliver a CPD Accredited, modular programme for their Volunteering Students and it has been growing in popularity within the University ever since.

In 2020 47 Students committed themselves as Team and Project Leaders with RHUL during the academic year and their participation has developed their skillsets both now and for their future career pathway.

The sessions covered; Emotional Intelligence, Student Well-Being, Leadership Styles, Decision-Making, Prioritising Techniques, How to develop High Performance Teams, Inter and Intra Personal Awareness, Coaching and Mentoring Techniques, Communication Skills, Appreciative Inquiry, Social Skills, The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Students and included MTC experiential learning activities in an inspiring and dynamic programme.   

“Behaviour-Changing Games delivering Game-Changing Behaviour in Individuals, Teams and Organisations”


Coaching and Mentoring CPD Phase 2 student training (2019-20)

“The Coaching and Mentoring training gave us a platform not only to develop ideas as a team but also to explore how and why different approaches to leadership affect the impact on our volunteers, as well as helping us to reflect on key methods for adjusting our approaches in order to boost the productivity of our teams.”

Carrie Brown, 3rd Year Music Undergraduate student and Volunteering student team leader for Holloway Notes.

“This training has been incredibly useful in thinking about guiding other volunteers to be student leaders or to be more confident volunteers able to help run sessions. It’s been a great follow-on from the CPD training by teaching us how to teach other volunteers what has been taught to us. It’s been invaluable.”

Alice West, 3rd Year Psychology Undergraduate student and Volunteering student project leader for Sing-Along Surrey

“This training has provided us with an incredible opportunity to improve our mentoring and leadership skills. It gave us invaluable insights on how to solve problems such as lack of commitment from volunteers or misunderstandings in the communications, as well as wider issues such as dealing with people in general, showing empathy and understanding, but raising the things that need to be raised. It has definitely had a big impact in the running of our social action projects, as well as teaching is general life skills.”

Santiago Torchiaro, 3rd Year Psychology Undergraduate student and Volunteering student team leader for ESOL Tutoring Refugees

“This training has given us a great space to network and team build between the different volunteering groups, and expanded our community identity and cooperation. It has trained us to better engage with volunteers and bring out the best of them, as well as ourselves. This has allowed us to work with volunteers as well as within our team to better communicate and resolve conflict, resulting in reduced absenses, increased volunteer retention, and improved results from our volunteer sessions. It has been invaluable training that we have all noted and appreciated.”

Adam Perrett, 3rd Year Politics & International Relations and Philosophy Undergraduate student and Volunteering student project leader for ESOL Tutoring Refugees

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