Getting Students “Work-Ready”

Personal Development for Traineeships and Work Experience Opportunities

Whether it be our children or our Young People whose lives have been challenged by Covid-19, the application of the principles of Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology can provide a healthy emotional and  wellbeing character in all ages.

If it is the equipping of our young students for examinations and career choices or creating ‘work-ready’ Trainees and Students for the Workplace, our wellbeing, stress resilience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology interventions can equip a Student to become “work ready” and our Coaching of the Student can be continued at their work experience employer – ensuring winning behaviours and attitudes.

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Increasing Employability Skills

Mobile Team Challenged have been seconded onto an All Party Parliamentary Group Think Tank to discuss the growing concern of Young People unemployment. In the light of Covid-19, Government statistics are suggesting that “unemployment within 18-25 year old could be as high as 2 million by the end of 2021”. There is also a concern over the forecast that “we are expecting a tsunami of well-being and mental health issues” as the circumstances accumulate and leave our young people facing a “perfect storm of negative influences”.  The Group is hosted by MP Barry Sheerman and Chaired by Simon Kelleher, Head of Education & Skills and is tasked with creating an implementing strategy for the Chancellors’ Kick Start Job Scheme . 

It is becoming critical that we help mitigate these effects by developing the “employability skills” within the Young People looking for Apprenticeships and Traineeships (as per The Chancellor’s KICKSTART programme) – and as SME’s, Business Owners etc it is vital that we CREATE opportunities within our Organisations to offer our Young People an opportunity to take a first step on their career journey by offering them employment. Mobile Team Challenge are currently coaching Students to get them “work ready” in Colleges, Universities and DWP initiatives – and are offering on-going support and coaching for them to every employer who takes on a young person. Contact us for details.

Preparing Students for Work Experience and Placements

Bridging the gap between “Student Life” and “Work Life” can be a significant challenge to a Student entering the “commercial world”. The transition from “Student Mind Set” to those required in the world of Commerce  can be immense. Whilst many Students, prior to Work Placement or Full Time Employment, will have experienced an element of ‘team-working’, ‘shared visions and corporate goals, vision and mission statements and ‘lower-case p’ Politics, the immersion into a commercial world takes these to the  next level and can sometimes be over-whelming to learn how to thrive in their new cultural setting.

Our online programme is the perfect preparation for any student about to embark on work placement interviews or full time employment. The application of emotional intelligence and the social skills covered in this programme will be invaluable to the Students to support them in the transition. Through the development of Self-Awareness the Students will embark on a journey: Understanding Yourself – Understanding Others – Understanding Life / Organisation and Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence concepts are key to a successful transition from ‘academic to commercial’.

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The Emotionally Intelligent Student

 Universities Challenged!

 Delivering Student Experience Excellence at your University / College

Are you providing “Value for Money” for your Students?

The current squeeze on funding, the increase in competition, the greater demands for excellence from Students who now have a greater choice where to gain their education, revealing NSS league tables, the increasing fees – all demonstrate that the Further and Higher Education Sector has possibly never known such “extraordinary times” as those in which we are living today – confirmation then that “extraordinary measures” are required.

As Universities across the Country begin to focus more on commercial strategies as the competition increases it is vital that your University delivers Service Excellence and outstanding Student retention and satisfaction levels in order for their offering of further education to remain competitive and for the students to perceive that they have received good “Value for Money” in the face of Students fees increases.

In a competitive Higher Education Market, it is essential that any differentiator of courses offered or product is leveraged to its maximum in order to gain the advantage.

When services and products become similar – it is the excellence of the Service offered which plays a major deciding influence. But when the day arrives when every University offers Student excellence – it will be the Universities who can offer the “next level of service” who will sustain their success.

It is their experience which Students will remember and talk about to others.

This Workshop focuses on how to apply Disney’s culture of Service Excellence into our Student’s Journeys.  It covers an in-depth analysis of every “Moment of Truth” where a Student or a Potential Student can form an opinion of your College or University based on their experience and it prepares a strategic “Analyse, Fix / Improve, Measure” process of Student-Facing activities in order to ensure Student Experience Excellence. The workshop looks at WHY? Disney has won the award for Best in Class for Customer service for over 30 years. We explore the Principles of the Magic Kingdom and take in the award winning FISH! video as we focus on Student Experience Excellence. Delegates will compete a Service Improvement Plan during the workshop. Creating a Culture of Student Experience Excellence What IF ……. Disney ran your University?

Disney has won the “Best in Class” Award for their Customer Service Principles for the last consecutive 40 years

Now these principles are delivering excellence within Further and Higher Education Establishments across the UK  

Measuring your Students Experience – NSS The “bar” for Student Service Excellence and Experience is getting higher each year for Universities to achieve.

The Higher Education Funding Council for England reported that: “Students are more satisfied with their experience at UK universities or colleges than at any time in the eight years of the National Student Survey (NSS), with 86 per cent saying they are satisfied overall with their course in this year’s survey.”  

This inspirational and motivational 1 day workshop will explore:

The workshop will be interactive with group and experiential activities

Doing it like Disney – Universities Challenged!

Workshop Agenda

What if…we did things Differently? …and What if…Disney ran your University?!

Experiential Activity: Paradigm Shifter – Thinking Differently about Student Service

Seeing Your University through the eyes of a Student

Group Activity: Student Touch-Points – Mapping the Student Experience 

Sprinkling the “Magic Kingdom” Dust: Disney’s Service Principles

Group Activity: A Self Audit

Creating a Culture of Innovation and Service Excellence within your University

Student Experience Excellence requires Functional Team Working

10 Lessons of Teamwork – from The Geese – Video

Experiential Activity: Levitation Challenge

Identifying and Understanding Personality Types

Experiential Activity: Navigating the Impasse

Designing the ’10 out of 10′ Student Experience of Excellence at our University   

What does Student Service Experience Excellence Look Like?

Group Activity: The Perfect Student Experience Excellence Outcome – Future State – using Appreciative Inquiry

The 4 Principles of Achieving the Student Excellence Experience – FISH! DVD

The FISH video / DVD has gone on to be the best selling training video/DVD of all time. Here is an extract from the Pike Place Fish web site: “For us it means going beyond just providing outstanding service to people. It means really being present with people and relating to them as human beings. We take all our attention off ourselves to be only with them…looking for ways to serve them. We’re out to discover how we can make their day. We’ve made a commitment to have our customers leave with the experience of having been served. They experience being known and appreciated whether they buy fish or not. And it’s not good enough just to want that – it takes an unrelenting commitment. We’ve made it our job to make sure that experience happens for every customer.”

These same FISH! Principles are now being applied to Universities and Colleges throughout the UK

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 Workshop Outcomes – Delegates will:

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The cost of this module is £895 + VAT for groups of up to 12 delegates. This cost includes all preparation, materials, workbooks and trainers expenses.

The above workshop is also available on-line and is delivered over Zoom or Teams over 4 x 90 minute sessions 

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