Stress Management, Building Resilience + Work Life Balance: Personal Wellbeing

Performance under Pressure: Building Resilience

 “Stress is likely to become the most dangerous emerging risk to business in the early part of the 21st century”… so says the Association of Insurance and Risk Managers.

 Performance under Pressure – Full Day Programme

Tom Peters, the author known for his management books In Search of Excellence and A Passion for Excellence, says it straight out in his preface to Thriving on Chaos:

 “The winners of tomorrow will deal proactively with chaos, will look at the chaos per se as the source of market advantage, not as a problem to be got around. Chaos and uncertainty are (will be) market opportunities; capitalizing on fleeting market anomalies will be the successful business’s greatest accomplishment.”

Being able to constantly achieve peak Performance under Pressure requires us not only to survive – but to actually thrive in an environment of pressing deadlines and target achievements etc.

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Building our Resilience

E.I. Stress

Emotionally Intelligent: Stress Resilience and Emotional Control

 Covey’s 7th habit challenges us all to take care of ourselves and to become aware of those issues which can reduce our personal effectiveness

Identifying the dis-stress creators and the ‘early warning’ signs of stress and distress is critical to our understanding as to the dangers lurking in our homes and our workplaces. Lifestyle awareness and stress management are the keys to healthy well-being and motivated individuals.

This 7th habit will identify the causes of stress and how we manage them.

The module will include a personal Bio-Rhythm Test using state of the art Pulse sensors and software which will demonstrate what things create stress in individuals and the delegates will learn some stress management techniques – the immediate effect of which will be demonstrated by the pulse sensors and bio-rhythm software screen displays.

How do Effective People ensure that they stay effective and don’t become disillusioned with yet another stressful deadline?

The answer can be found in Covey’s 7th habit – that of Personal Development and well-being…

Can I REALLY control my own bio-rhythms to help diffuse DISTRESS??!

 Identifying the stress creators and the ‘early warning’ signs of stress and distress is critical to our understanding as to the dangers lurking in our homes and our workplaces. Lifestyle awareness and stress management are the keys to healthy well-being and motivated individuals.

What do my emotions have to do with it?

Our brains are incredibly power muscles – but let’s not be too dismissive of the role that the heart has to play with Dis-Stress Management.

Whilst our brain can store the memories of us playing with a cute little puppy, it can also conjure up memories of the last time we stroked a dog and it bit our leg! So even the sight of a cute puppy could send a “stand by to repel borders” instruction from the Brain to the Heart as memories are recalled. The brain immediately starts to produce chemicals to help resist the savage beast and, simultaneously, requests that the heart start pumping these chemicals around the body as soon as possible – this is when we start to feel palpitations.

As these ANS hormones are being produced and pumped around the body at break-neck speeds, our emotions become a lot less controlled. It is during this “fight or flight” stage that Stress and Dis-Stress awaken and start to thrive in the panicky climate that the heart and brain have created between themselves.

Our brain has 3 levels of  hierarchy. Level 1 is where our “fight and flight” feelings live. Level 2 is where all of our Emotions live: anger, love, hate, jealousy etc and Level 3 is where Dis-Stress cannot live, nor will it EVER visit this level.

Despite the fact that our brains are immensely powerful – they can be a little lazy!

It is for this reason why we need to educate our brains to engage the 3rd level of hierarchy where ALL Dis-Stress and Emotionals can be fully managed successfully.

Learning how to manage our Bio-Rhythms and educating our Brain and Heart to work together is the perfect antidote to dis-stressful life balances.

Em Wave

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Delegates will be invited to participate in the HeartMath Bio-Rhythm assessment which measures their pulse via an ear-sensor and will determine the resilience of their emotions against stress.

 Delegates will also learn how to increase their resilience through 3 simple techniques and the improvement will be demonstrated via a second HeartMath assessment.



The Performance Under Pressure – Delegates will:

Cost: £895 + VAT per Group of 15 People  – 

This programme offers more control of your life. In particular you will control how your work affects your overall happiness and the happiness of those who matter most to you, including your colleagues and staff and family.

During the programme you explore how you choose to manage your life and work, and the results you get from this choice. The Workshop explores the causes of and management of stress. Focusing on what really matters to you, you learn how to make decisions and create time for actions that contribute to your long term goals. You will address your own specific work-life issues practically, as you learn these skills.

As a leader you also coach others during the programme to achieve all these benefits. Each delegate will receive a personal bio-feedback on their heart / brain coherence using EmWave / Heartmath Software.

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