LEAN / Six Sigma Methodologies – Shifting the Paradigm to create Cultural and Transformational Change

Lean / Six Sigma is a unified approach to achieving improved performance, which, when correctly deployed, will drive continuous improvement, or even dramatic step changes in performance, and will be a major enabler in achieving the goal of becoming an “Outcome Focussed Organisation”.

From integrating quick pace transformational change to maximising customer value whilst minimising waste, the Lean Continuous Improvement principles create the Winning Behaviours and Attitudes across the “people and processes” across any organisation.

“We must become far more disciplined in managing project programmes with less dependency upon a few key individuals and more systematic and rigorous approach to project and programme delivery across the whole organisation”  … 

– this is a strategic Statement of Intent which we hear on a daily basis from many organisations, and the implementation and practice of the transforming 5 Principles of Lean and Continuous Improvement are the perfect vehicle to achieve this desire.

In the current political and economic climate there is a focus on public services to DO MORE WITH LESS – i.e. to become more efficient. NHS Foundation Trusts, Government Departments and Local Authorities are in the process of working on the detail of how budget cuts will be implemented.

Important improvement methodologies at the disposal of Public and Private Sectors is LEAN & Six Sigma – which can deliver many significant benefits, efficiency increases and savings.

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