Self Awareness – Emotional Intelligence – Personalised or Team: Myers Briggs or E.I. Profiling

Likely Cost: £85 per person in house – £ 895 per day per Group of 12

“Until you make peace with who you are, you’ll never be content with what you have” Doris Mortman: Author

The key to starting the “DevelopMe” Journey. Providing an insight to understanding our personal psychometric make-up and being made aware of our own unique “X” Factors and how they impact other Team members. This course combines adventure experiential learning and self awareness techniques – either at our Adventure Centre or on-site.

Click here to see a sample of an Emotional Intelligence Personal Profiling Report

Click here to see a sample of a Myers Briggs Type Indicator Personal Profiling Report

Deliver an enlightening development experience with a single report

The MBTI Personal Impact Report supports a comprehensive development experience by applying MBTI type knowledge to eight key development areas.

The rich, personalised development strategies included within this report can be referenced time and time again. By revealing development areas, blindspots, pitfalls and challenges, it has the necessary breadth and depth to transfer type knowledge into real behaviour change.

What the MBTI Personal Impact Report contains

The MBTI Personal Impact Report covers eight development areas:

  • Your Work Style
  • Your Communication Style
  • Your Team Style
  • Your Decision-Making Style
  • Your Leadership Style
  • Your Conflict Style
  • How Stress Impacts You
  • Your Approach to Change

The report also introduces the concept of preferences and gives reported type, provides a process for getting to self-estimated type and a snapshot of the 16 MBTI types.

When to use the MBTI Personal Impact Report

  • on every development programme or coaching scenario which aims to explore any of the eight development areas featured in the report
  • to support a user’s MBTI Development Journey where type will be used time and time again to underpin learning
  • to re-engage users who think that they’ve already ‘done’ the MBTI

Accessing the MBTI Personal Impact Report

The MBTI Personal Impact Report is based on MBTI Step I results and can be generated from either the MBTI Step I or Step II questionnaire. Using the MBTI Step II questionnaire enables a user to start their MBTI Development Journey by exploring Step I preferences, and continue to Step II without the need to complete a further questionnaire.