Remote Working

Are you Working from Home?… or does it feel like you’re Living at Work?? 🙁

74% of Companies plan to permanently shift to more Remote Working Post-Covid (Gartner Aug 2020)
How equipped are we to Manage Remote Workers?

The coronavirus is not only a health crisis of immense proportion – it’s also an imminent restructuring requiring new thought leadership on how we lead, manage and motivate; office-based, home-based and hybrid teams.

The sessions below are now also available in face to face, on-site workshops or a blended combination of virtual and face to face.

Our sessions cover the ‘strategic to the operational’ and explores questions such as:

As we have seen throughout the pandemic, clear and concise leadership is vital to deliver performance related goals and personal wellbeing and safety and it is for this reason that we have 3 initial modules specifically addressed to all “people managers” in order for them and their teams to thrive during these changing times.

  1. Remote Leadership Principles
  2. Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Styles and Cultures (optional E.I. Profiling Reports for Leaders)
  3. Remote Team Working Principles through a Shared (new) Vision and maximised Trust.

Here’s how leaders can begin navigating to the “new normal”

OR…. Face to Face, in-House over 2 Days for Senior Leadership Teams – £1,695.00 + VAT for up to 15 per Group

McKinsey & Company is the ‘trusted advisor and counsellor to many of the world’s most influential businesses and institutions‘ … and they have also devised an excellent framework around how we can pivot our people, teams and organisations and lead them – they are called “The 5 R’s Route to the NEW Normal”. Our facilitators will walk you through this simple but massively effective process.

From a Strategic perspective, we utilise McKinsey’s 5 R’s which we use as a platform as we commence our journey, walking through and exploring these 5 stages of the mileposts as we plan and equip our staff for the NEW Normal.

  1. Resolve – For some organisations,  a toxic combination of inaction and paralysis remains, stymying choices that must be made: lockdown or not; isolation or quarantine; shut down the Organisation now or wait for an order from above. That is why we have called this first stage Resolve: the need to determine the scale, pace, and depth of action required at the state and business levels. As one CEO told us: “I know what to do. I just need to decide whether those who need to act share my resolve to do so.”
  2. ResilienceAll organisations are comprised of “people and processes” and this stage ensures that both Processes/Organisations AND people are all resilient and solid so that we can “Build Back Better”. Resilience and Stress Awareness lead to stronger, healthier ‘people and processes’. Ensuring that our organisations greatest assets – our staff – are feeling confident, safe, appreciated, engaged and involved (even if they are working remotely), healthy in their wellbeing and motivation.   
  3. Return Returning organisations to operational health after a severe shutdown is extremely challenging, as the Country slowly returns to work we will analyse and assess the logistics of ‘being back at work’ with an open mind ready to embrace the NEW Normal.
  4. Re-Imagination In order to engage all members in a Strategic Planning Process we utilise the Disney Creative Strategy and Appreciative Inquiry ‘Dreaming’ Stage which opens up honest and transparent discussions about what the “New Normal” would look like. This process releases innovative concepts and ideas and neuroscience triggers through Positive Psychology. Many organisations are using the Re-imagine process to lead Cultural Change within their organisation. This process analyses and ‘measures’ the “AS IS” stage of what we are like now and creates a strategic roadmap with mileposts as to what the “WILL BE” Culture will look like.
  5. Reform A ‘Black Swan Event’ is the expression given to a global event which has an unprecedented global effect – of which, the Covid Pandemic has been the greatest impactive event of our lifetime to date. As a consequence of these events, some organisations and businesses will fail permanently and some will Reform and come back stronger. For example, In the event of a burst riverbank which floods a neighbourhood, the post-disaster reform plan will be to identify how to prevent or mitigate the event happening again. We will explore sustainable Reform processes and principles to ensure that should any future pandemic waves take effect again, the organisation will be equipped to deal with any disrupting influences.      

Utilising techniques such as: Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology and the Disney Creative Strategy, allow us to partner you on your journey to your New Normal and your New Culture.

For further information of how we can create a bespoke workshop for your organisation: