Positive Psychology

“Positive psychology explores what enables individuals and societies to flourish.

It examines how people can cultivate happiness, strength, and resilience, and ultimately live a fulfilling, meaningful life.

Rather than trying to alleviate suffering, positive psychology strives to enhance well-being. Positive psychology is a relatively new discipline, but it has grown widely since its emergence.”

You will learn how to apply Positive Psychology to both your professional and personal development. These include:

Are you getting enough of your “Happiness Chemicals”?

Course overview

You will learn leading-edge techniques to develop strengths and virtues such as wisdom, self-control, courage and fairness. You will also learn about ‘beyond’ mindfulness, Seligman’s PERMA concept and compassion and how to be more self-compassionate.

In the early days of Yorkshire soprano Lesley Garrett’s stellar career, she found it difficult to ‘break into’ the world of music.

She moved to London, hoping to find her first career break – but quickly found that the streets weren’t paved in gold after all. Despite, setback after setback, Lesley wrote to her Mum back in Yorkshire every week listing all of the potential opportunities that each week was bringing…only to write again the following weekend to update her Mum that none of the opportunities had been successful. One weekend, Lesley received a envelope from her Mum…when she opened it, she found a handful of dirt together with a brief note saying…

“…it sounds as though you’re in need of some Yorkshire Grit…so I’ve sent you some!…

So, if you feel YOU need some ‘Yorkshire Grit’ to help you get through your business or personal life right now… why not click below and book yourself onto a Zoom Coaching call with in one of our facilitators – from £35.00 + VAT per module.