Creating a Culture where Innovation and Creativity Thrive

Nowadays the word ‘Innovation’ seems to appear in every organisations Values or Mission Statements! …and we are, probably, claiming that our Business Processes are ‘Innovation in Action’… but is that three words…or two? 🙂

To see the current and true definition of  the word ‘Innovation’ – we have to consider the individual elements and understand the 3 Attitudes which constitute true Innovation.

This workshop is facilitated by an ex European Vice President of 3M – who, according to Tom Peter’s Best Selling Book “In Search of Excellence” – “3M is the BEST COMPANY in the World for Innovation.”
Delegates will learn some fascinating insights into companies who have mastered the art of innovation: 3M, Apple, Nike, several leading Local Authorities and NHS Foundation Trusts and will hear best practice examples of Innovation and Creativity across every Sector.

Having worked for 3M for 25 years as a Divisional European Vice President and being responsible for the rolling out of LEAN/Six Sigma Business Improvement strategies across their European Operation, he has a fascinating insight into HOW 3M “do” Innovation. In Tom Peter’s Best Selling Book “In Search of Excellence” – Peters’ identified a number of companies who he felt had excelled in specific disciplines. E.g. FedEx for their Logistics, Disney for their consistent “Best in Class” ratings for Customer Service – and he cited 3M as being “the best company in the World for Innovation”. 3M is a $35bn global conglomerate with 50% of its annual sales being made from products which had only been launched in the previous 18 months – a ‘financial testimony’ as to the culture of innovation and the leadership and followership principles which lie at the heart of 3M’s success.

This workshop provides insights into the secrets of creating a Culture where Innovation and Empowerment Thrive.

Upon the publication of Tom Peter’s Book – 3M fielded MANY telephone calls from organisations who asked if 3M were prepared to share “Best Practice Principles” as to the secrets of 3M’s outstanding innovative culture – and I hosted Senior Management Teams from many global corporate organisations at 3M – e.g. Hewlett Packard, IBM, Motorola, Nokia, Coca Cola, British Telecom, Siemens, LG Electronics, Motorola, Jaguar, Ford, Land Rover, Honda etc.

Applying the principles of Peter Senge’s Fifth Dimension and his 10 Successes for creating a Culture of Innovation, this workshop includes fun and practical activities to challenge the delegates to “think differently”.

Our Innovation Specialist was also invited to Disney, Florida and Warner Brothers to present Keynote Speeches on Innovation – and the title of his presentation was “Innovation is DEAD…and we Killed it!” …which, although quite a provocative title! – it captured the imagination and caught the interest of hundreds of delegates who attended those sessions. (For the record…. Innovation is NOT dead…  😊 … but we see so many organisations who are guilty of killing off innovation within their employees and companies.)

Now, in his role within Mobile Team Challenge he is invited to help organisations from MANY sectors with their Organisational Development and Strategies and he usually starts by asking them what their Vision and Mission Statement is. From experience over 90% of the organisations have the word “innovation” somewhere in their Statements – however – a large proportion do not have an accurate definition of the meaning of the word “innovation”. Having worked closely with the Edison School of Innovation in Arizona for a number of years – their priority was to arrive at the ultimate definition of “innovation” and the 3 attitudes it embraces. These are the attitudes that we cover in our workshop – along with 3M’s Principles of Innovation and the ‘encouragers and stiflers’.

Delegates will:

– Separate Idea generation from evaluation
– Test Assumptions – Don’t Assume
– Avoid Patterned Thinking – Shifting that Paradigm!
– Creating New Perspectives
– Minimise Negative Thinking and apply Positive Psychology
– Applying the 3 attitudes of Innovation
– Choosing the Correct leadership Style and Culture

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4 Modules of 90-minute Zoom Sessions at £45.00+VAT per person per module. Includes workbook, relevant slide decks and a CPD Certificate in Innovation.