Conflict Resolution – Thomas + Kilmann Types

Cost: £ 895 + VAT per group of 12 delegates

Turning Conflict into Collaboration.

Understanding Others is one of lifes’ greatest mysteries. There are those people that you can get along with really well…and then… there are those others! Learning HOW to recognise other peoples’ Conflict types and how they interact with your styles is the starting¬† point of this journey into Emotional Intelligence as we increase our SELF Awareness and OTHER Awareness of our Inter and Intra Personal Skills.

MTC’s conflict resolution workshop utilises the industry’s leading supplier of Conflict and Negotiation Style profiling tools – Thomas and Kilmann. This workshop develops skills and competencies in communication, rapport building, social skills, psychological triggers, unspoken communications and leadership styles required to support working and living BEYOND CONFLICT!

MTC combines Appreciative Inquiry, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Intelligence, Experiential Learning, and temperament assessment to support the core competencies associated with the management and resolution of conflict whether at work, in school or at home. Every delegate receives their personal conflict style type using the Thomas + Kilmann psychometric model.

Turning Conflict into Collaboration.