Appreciative Inquiry – Creating Shared Visions + Strategic Planning

Likely Cost: £ 895 per group of 15

As a facilitation technique, Appreciative Inquiry involves articulating questions that reveal positive potential within groups and individuals. As a Strategic Planning tool it builds on the positive core of your organisation and enables your team to anticipate, recognise and amplify its potential. AI Effectively is a powerful vehicle for accelerating change and inspires high energy team commitment, innovative solutions, increased motivation and improved morale grounded in existing organisational goals and best practices.

A recent survey by The Change Lab has explored the Impact of Organisational Change and Employee Wellbeing in the Workplace. Even before the life and business-changing Covid-19 pandemic, many “change programmes or initiatives” were failing due to the lack of employee “buy in” to the new Strategic Vision or Culture Change projects.

The Survey highlighted that it’s not the amount of change that employees experience, but it is the leadership approach that spells the difference between languishing or flourishing in change; and that instead of fear, depletion, and stress, human beings can—and often do— thrive in transition.

The Survey also highlighted the following:

This workshop facilitates a “step by step” approach to identify what your “NEW NORMAL” should look like and utilises the newer “inquire-and-invite” approaches in order to arrive at a shared vision which has ultimate buy-in by an energised team of employees.

This workshop has a step-by-step format equipping you to take your team through a cultural change programme. Either in “Train the Trainer” format so we can equip you and your staff to facilitate the process or MTC Specialists can run the sessions for you on site. A well facilitated ‘change workshop’ delivering a positive result has a massive positive impact on the Organisation as a whole, the individual Teams and Departments within the Company and wellbeing of an energised and motivated workforce.

David Cooperrider – The Founder of Appreciative Inquiry  – said….  “Appreciative Inquiry is a way of THINKING, SEEING and ACTING to bring about powerful, purposefulchange. Focusing on the Positive and Desired Future results and not the negative past results.”

Whether you are a Learning and Development Facilitator, a Leader of Change or responsible for Strategic Development and Direction within your Organisation or a member of the Senior Management Team who are considering what culture your Company should have post pandemic, the Principles of Appreciative Inquiry are vital for the professional development of your employees, teams and departments and organisations in our current times. Email us now for your in-house A.I. Workshop and Strategic Planning / Visioning Day 

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