Applying the Science of Neuro-Science

How Neuroscience Helps Us Understand the Mind, Brain and our Emotional Intelligence

Just as computers are hard-wired with electrical connections, the brain is hard-wired with neural connections. These connections link together its various lobes and also link sensory input and motor output with the brain’s message centres, allowing information to come in and be sent back out.

One major aim of current neuroscience research, then, is to study how this wiring works and what happens when it’s damaged. New developments in brain scanning allow researchers to see more detailed images and determine not only where there may be damage but also how that damage affects, for instance, motor skills and cognitive behaviour in conditions like PTSD, Stress, Performing under Pressure, our Emotional Intelligence and our overall, well-being.

This virtual workshop covers:


Today’s leaders need a deeper ability to communicate and influence in order to drive higher levels of accountability and productivity on their teams. In this highly interactive neuro-leadership training workshop, we will explore how neuroscience can be applied to leadership and challenge each participant to consider how embracing new leadership methods will enhance and support the rapid growth of them as individuals and of their Group / Team or Organisation.

Understanding the neuroscience behind making a decision can be helpful when targeting new behaviours and changing bad habits. When you reach a fork in the road and need to make the right decision for your long-term health and well-being, using the brain science behind decision-making is a useful tool.

Decision-making is in the locus of your control. You have the power to break patterns of behaviour simply by making better decisions. You can change your mind and your actions at any time. Even when you’re stuck in a cycle of rut-like thinking and behaviour, a change of attitude and decision-making can turn your life around.

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