June 2013


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Mobile Team Challenge

What IF ... Disney ran YOUR Hospital??

Mobile Team Challenge Mickey

A fun, but thought provoking, workshop on the Disney principles of Service Excellence. HOW has Disney won the "Best in Class" award for the last 30 years?

  • NOW these principles are delivering patient experience excellence across all of the Health Care Sector in the UK

  • WHAT can we learn from Disney that we can apply to our own Patient Care?

  • How to optimise efficiency in your Organisation through Service Experience Excellence

  • What IF... Disney ran your Hospital?? ... the 10 things you would do differently...

On-Site for ONLY £750 + VAT per Group (up to 12 people)


The NHS Survey says ...

  • In a survey of 337 NHS Chief Executives and Chairs, 100% of NHS leaders concede that the NHS is not sufficiently customer focused at present.
  • Of those, 65% said that a significant change in customer focus is required.
  • The public agrees; 93% think it is important for the NHS to pay more attention to customer service.
  • Areas cited for improvement include friendlier staff, easier appointment booking systems, clearer information about treatment and better bedside manner.
  • NHS Next Stage Review stated, High Quality Care for ALL " The skills for listening, understanding and responding to the needs of individual patients and supporting them to manage their health in a manner that is respectful of diversity and difference must, wherever possible, be incorporated into education and training programmes."
  • Mobile Team Challenge Customer Experience Excellence

    Featuring the Award Winning Video - FISH!

    The FISH! Principles of Customer Service EXPERIENCE Excellence

    • Choose Your Attitude

    • Play

    • Make Their Day

    • Be There For Them

    Mobile Team Challenge FISH

    Guaranteed FUN! ...but with some SERIOUS Learning


    • "Moments of Truth" from your PATIENT TOUCH POINTS

    • The 6 Keys to the Magic Kingdom - applying the DISNEY PRINCIPLES TO YOUR HOSPITAL

    • FISH! - The FISH! Principles of SERVICE EXCELLENCE

    • The 10 things you would do differently.. IF... Disney ran your Hospital

    • Learning from BEST PRACTICE Organisations

    • Exploring the developing role of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE within Patient Care

    • Completing a "SELF AUDIT" of our own Service Standards

    • How to apply the 3 ingredients of INNOVATION into your Hospital

    • HANDLING DIFFICULT PATIENTS - Why is it that SOME Patients REALLY annoy me?!

    • CREATING INSPIRATIONAL SERVICE TEAMS - Developing outstanding Teamwork

    • Setting the Standards for Patient EXPERIENCE Excellence

    • Experiential Learning and GROUP BREAK OUT ACTIVITIES


    • Communication EXCELLENCE


    • FUN! Experiential Learning Activities

    Mobile Team Challenge Team Picture Mobile Team Challenge Team Picture Mobile Team Challenge Team Picture Mobile Team Challenge Team Picture


    "Thank you for the inspiring 2 day’s training you did for us recently, we have noticed a difference already!"

    " Dear Barry, I probably ought to be lodging a protest! Since the training course, I have had a steady stream of staff at my door. Each and every participant spontaneously felt that they ought to come individually and tell me how fantastic your course was! They felt really motivated, learnt a lot and really enjoyed the day. I can see that you may become a regular feature of the training of the department! Thank you"

    "Received great feedback again – you are REALLY making an impact and it is fab”

    “I AM SO MOTIVATED!! ... I hope my colleagues are too! :-)”

    “Excellent course will recommend to others"

    "A Life Changing Experience"

    "A Terrific Day - thoroughly enjoyable and informative session!"

    “Best Training EVER!!!”

    “I’d give this course and 11 out of 10! … Best I’ve attended”

    “Really enjoyed the day – thanks!”

    “Thoroughly enjoyed the day!”

    “Very enjoyable”

    “An enjoyable and positive day”

    “An excellent day – thank you”

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    This workshop is a must for all employees involved in Customer engagement. Call Today for more an information pack on how Emotional Intelligence is critical to Customer Experience Excellence or click the book now button »


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