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Mobile Team Challenge

Building a positive future for our youth

Revolutionary, award winning, Experiential Learning Concepts
See how quickly your Students learn the principles of Respect, Self Awareness, Self Confidence, Enrichment, Key Stages 1-4, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Leadership, Social Skills etc

Fired Up Engaged for Learning Kits (FUEL Kits)

Mobile Team Challenge Leadership Kit

Leadership Kit - 24 activities - NOW £895.00

Mobile Team Challenge Team Building Kit

Team Building Kit - 63 activities - NOW £1,145.00

Mobile Team Challenge Team Leader

Team Leader - 83 activities - NOW £1,495.00

Mobile Team Challenge Kelly Holmes

Dame Kelly Holmes
...having an MTC Experience...

Advanced Learning Kits

Mobile Team Challenge Standard Kit

Standard Kit - 63 activities - NOW £4,995.00

(Includes 1 day of on-site training)

Mobile Team Challenge Performance Kit
Mobile Team Challenge Team Leader

Performance Kit - 136 activities - NOW £7,495.00

(Includes 2 days of on-site training)

Blindfold Challenge ATR Winchester MTC Multi Activity ATR Winchester 2 Swindon College

Guaranteed FUN! ...but with some SERIOUS Learning

  • Seeing amazing results in the increase in self-esteem, self confidence, respect, team working, self belief, motivation, Leadership Skills, Key Stages 3-5 Skills, Social Skills

  • Strong learning-outcome based activities - excellent for extra curricular learning and enrichment.

  • Motivational activities for AFCO’s, Outreach, Combined Cadet Forces: Command and Control Tasks to practice and perfect Leadership, Problem Solving and Communication Skills

  • Developing the individual emotional intelligence capacity to develop self awareness of personality styles, and helping them in their personal and domestic relationships with conflict management techniques

  • Increased decision making, critical thinking, effective problem solving and Team Working skills

  • Developing self-worth in job seeking and "back to work" initiatives for students

  • Personalising students' learning experience - from 10 - 19 year olds

  • With MTC's powerful experiential learning activities - No longer can Ofsted claim that "...schools are delivering boring lessons..."!!!

Either book an MTC facilitator to run your session for you or purchase your own MTC equipment and run your own inspirational, experiential learning sessions

Or call for more information on MTC’s “End of Term” or Leadership Days at your School , College or University

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