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I am very pleased to write to you with an exciting development at MTC, which could make a big difference in your life BUT only if you want to start your own business or develop an existing one! This message is only for the budding entrepreneurs who want to take control of their own destiny!

As a result of ever increasing demand and new products and programmes, Mobile Team Challenge is moving towards Franchising it's business model. Prior to Franchising, we are offering an exclusive and highly limited opportunity for you to become an "MTC Platinum Partner". Platinum Partners are the fore-runner to the MTC Franchise and we are only seeking 10 committed individuals who want to be part of this exciting, profitable and low-risk business and personal development opportunity.

As a MTC Platinum Partner, you get all of the benefits of trading under the highly regarded and well known MTC brand and you are trained and can access all of the tried, tested and unique products and programmes. All of this, combined with one to one mentoring and on-going support from the MTC team in the UK and USA, gives you an exclusive opportunity to build your own MTC business and generate a substantial monthly income, in partnership with a world class support team and tried and tested systems behind you. 80% of businesses fail in the first five years and with franchising and systemised businesses models like MTC Platinum Partners, these figures are reversed.

    MTC Platinum Partners
Mobile Team Challenge Standard Kit

Standard Kit provides 20 major events accommodating up to 45 participants, stored in 6 custom-designed hardware bags, it weighs approx. 130 lbs and stores in a 3.5' x 1' x 7' area. Contents: Manual, 4 x beams, 14 x ropes with sliders, 2 x 12' ropes, 1 x Spiderweb stand and web, Great Escape, 15 x blindfolds, 8 x mats, connecting hardware, bands, Trust Vee safety rope and all tools PLUS four activity books: Teamwork/Teamplay, Quicksilver, Zircon Gorilla and Executive Marbles.

Team Leader F.U.E.L. Pack

This F.U.E.L. pack delivers 83 dynamic teambuilding activities that you can use with groups of 30-45. These activities emphasise teamwork, trust, communication, conflict resolution, and critical thinking skills. The pack includes a CD ROM with 40+ icebreaker activities that help build a sense of community.

    MTC Platinum Partners Benefit from
A proven business model with multiple income streams that can be used to generate income from anywhere in the world
Mobile Team Challenge Experiential Learning Equipment Standard Kit - comprising 53 hardware activities
Mobile Team Challenge “Fire Up Engaged for Learning” (F.U.E.L.) Team Leader F.U.E.L. Pack comprising 83 activities
Mobile Team Challenge Facilitator Training + MTC Appreciative Inquiry Training - 5 days
Mobile Team Challenge Programme Training ranging from Customer Service, Team Building, Conflict Management, Change Management etc
Business Start up advice – MTC Collateral, Marketing Support, Documentation Templates, Strategic Planning, Marketing Plans, Pricing Strategies etc.
Three days of on-site mentoring where MTC personnel will assist you in delivering your first programmes
On-going support to assist in programme design and advanced MTC Facilitator Training
MTC Platinum Partners Annual Workshop with news, latest updates, networking with other MTC Platinum Partners.

“In order for learning to transfer from training to the work environment it must be experiential rather than academic in nature. This allows the participants to develop ownership in the outcomes and affect the transfer themselves. MTC equipment allows us to provide a great variety of experiences, which can be tailored to specific outcomes for each individual team. The ease of use, portability and wide range of exercise choices offered in your equipment make it some of the best I have used. Furthermore, the excellent support and feedback from you and your staff are an added bonus to trainers in the field such as myself.”

Squadron Leader, RAF

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